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MPC911 Datasheet PDF : MPC911 pdf   
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Low-Voltage 1:9 Differential ECL/HSTL to HSTL Clock Driver

The MPC9111 is a low skew 1–to–9 differential HSTL compatible output fanout buffer. The device is functionally equivalent to the MC100LVE111 device. The device accepts either LVPECL or HSTL compatible input levels and provides 9 low skew differential HSTL compatible outputs. The device operates from a single 3.3V VCC supply.

• 800ps Part–to–Part Skew
• 250ps Output–to–Output Skew
• Open Emitter HSTL Compatible Outputs
• Differential Design
• 28–Lead PLCC
• 3.3V VCC

The MPC911 HSTL outputs are not realized in the conventional manner. To minimize part–to–part and output–to–output skew the HSTL compatible output levels are generated with an open emitter architecture. The outputs are pulled down with 50Ω to ground rather than the typical 50Ω to VDDQ pullup of a “standard” HSTL output. Because the HSTL outputs are pulled to ground the MPC911 does not utilize the VDDQ supply of the HSTL standard. The output levels are derived from VCC, an internal regulator minimizes the output level variation with VCC variations.


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