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MC100EP111 Datasheet PDF - Motorola => Freescale

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Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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MC100EP111 Datasheet PDF : MC100EP111 pdf   
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The MC100EP111 is a low skew 1–to–10 differential driver, designed with clock distribution in mind. It accepts two clock sources into an input multiplexer. The input signals can be either differential or single–ended if the VBB output is used. The selected signal is fanned out to 10 identical differential outputs.

• 100ps Part–to–Part Skew
• 35ps Output–to–Output Skew
• Differential Design
• VBB Output
• Voltage and Temperature Compensated Outputs
• Low Voltage VEE Range of –2.375 to –3.8V
• 75kΩ Input Pulldown Resistors

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