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MT90820AL Datasheet PDF - Mitel Networks

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MT90820AL CMOS ST-BUS™ FAMILY Large Digital Switch (LDX) Mitel
Mitel Networks Mitel
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MT90820AL Datasheet PDF : MT90820AL pdf   
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The Large Digital Switch (LDX) is an advanced digital switch allowing the users to build up to 2048 channel non-blocking switch. The serial interface can be at 2, 4 or 8 Mb/s compatible to ST-BUS/MVIP/HMVIP or GCI standards. The LDX can be programmed to provide either minimum or constant throughput delay on all its channels. The device also features three-state control and message mode on per-channel basis.

• 2,048 channel non-blocking switch
• Maintains frame integrity on concatenated channels.
• Per-channel selection of minimum or constant throughput delay
• Serial streams at 2.048, 4.096 or 8.192Mb/s
• Frame offset delay measurement
• Programmable frame delay offset
• Per-channel three-state control
• Per-channel message mode
• Control interface compatible to Intel/Motorola CPUs
• Block programming feature for connection memory
• ST-BUS/MVIP and GCI interfaces
• Test Port compatible to IEEE-1149.1 standard

• Medium and large switching platforms
• C.O. switches
• CTI application
• Voice/data multiplexer
• Digital cross connects
• ST-BUS/HMVIP interface functions


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