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ML2035 Datasheet PDF - Micro Linear Corporation

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ML2035 Serial Input Programmable Sine Wave Generator Micro-Linear
Micro Linear Corporation Micro-Linear
ML2035 Datasheet PDF : ML2035 pdf   
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The ML2035 is a monolithic sinewave generator whose output is programmable from DC to 25kHz. No external components are required. The frequency of the sinewave output is derived from either an external crystal or clock
input, providing a stable and accurate frequency reference. The frequency is programmed by a 16-bit serial
data word. The ML2035 has a VOUT amplitude of ±VCC/2.

■ Programmable output frequency - DC to 25kHz
■ Low gain error and total harmonic distortion
■ 3-wire SPI compatible serial microprocessor interface with double buffered data latch
■ Fully integrated solution - no external components required
■ Frequency resolution of 1.5Hz (±0.75Hz) with a 12MHz clock input
■ Onboard 3 to 12MHz crystal oscillator
■ Synchronous or asynchronous data loading capability
■ Compatible with ML2031 and ML2032 tone detectors and ML2004 logarithmic gain/attenuator

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