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Part NumberMIC2843AYMT Micrel
Micrel Micrel
DescriptionHigh Efficiency 6 Channel Linear WLED Driver with DAM™ and Ultra Fast PWM™ Control
MIC2843AYMT Datasheet PDF : MIC2843AYMT pdf   
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General Description
The MIC2843A is a high efficiency linear White LED (WLED) driver designed to drive up to six WLEDs, greatly extending battery life for portable display backlighting keypad backlighting, and camera flash in mobile devices. The MIC2843A provides the highest possible efficiency as this architecture has no switching losses present in traditional charge pumps or inductive boost circuits. The MIC2843A provides six linear drivers which maintain constant current for up to six WLEDs. It features a typical dropout of 40mV at 20mA. This allows the WLEDs to be driven directly from the battery eliminating switching noise/losses present with the use of boost circuitry.

• High Efficiency (no Voltage Boost losses)
• Dynamic Average Matching (DAM™)
• Ultra Fast PWM™ control (200Hz to 500kHz)
• Input voltage range: 3.0V to 5.5V
• Dropout of 40mV at 20mA
• Matching better than ±1.5% (typical)
• Current Accuracy better than ±1.5% (typical)
• Maintains proper regulation regardless of how many
   channels are utilized
• Available in a 10-pin 2mm x 2mm Thin MLF® package

• Mobile handsets
• LCD Handset backlighting
• Handset keypad backlighting
• Digital cameras
• Portable media/MP3 players
• Portable navigation devices (GPS)
• Portable applications

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