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MAX681 Datasheet PDF - Maxim Integrated

Part NumberMAX681 MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
Description+5V to ±10V Voltage Converters
MAX681 Datasheet PDF : MAX681 pdf   
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General Description
The MAX680/MAX681 are monolithic, CMOS, dual charge-pump voltage converters that provide ±10V outputs from a +5V input voltage. The MAX680/MAX681 provide both a positive step-up charge pump to develop +10V from +5V input and an inverting charge pump to generate the -10V output. Both parts have an on-chip, 8kHz oscillator. The MAX681 has the capacitors internal to the package, and the MAX680 requires four external capacitors to produce both positive and negative voltages from a single supply.
The output source impedances are typically 150Ω, providing useful output currents up to 10mA. The low quiescent current and high efficiency make this device suitable for a variety of applications that need both positive and negative voltages generated from a single supply.
The MAX864/MAX865 are also recommended for new designs. The MAX864 operates at up to 200kHz and uses smaller capacitors. The MAX865 comes in the smaller µMAX package.

♦ 95% Voltage-Conversion Efficiency
♦ 85% Power-Conversion Efficiency
♦ +2V to +6V Voltage Range
♦ Only Four External Capacitors Required (MAX680)
♦ No Capacitors Required (MAX681)
♦ 500µA Supply Current
♦ Monolithic CMOS Design

   The MAX680/MAX681 can be used wherever a singlepositive supply is available and where positive and negative voltages are required. Common applications include generating ±6V from a 3V battery and generating ±10V from the  standard +5V logic supply (for use with analog circuitry). Typical applications include:
   ±6V from 3V Lithium Cell
   Hand-Held Instruments
   Data-Acquisition Systems
   Panel Meters
   ±10V from +5V Logic Supply
   Battery-Operated Equipment
   Operational Amplifier Power Supplies

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