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MAX6100EUR Datasheet PDF : MAX6100EUR pdf   
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Device Description
The MAX6100 is a low-cost, low-dropout (LDO), micropower voltage references. This three-terminal reference has an output voltage option of 1.8V. It features a proprietary curvature-correction circuit and laser-trimmed, thin-film resistors that result in a low temperature coefficient of 75ppm/°C (max) and an initial accuracy of ±0.4% (max). This device is specified over the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).
This series-mode voltage reference draws only 90µA of supply current and can source 5mA and sink 2mA of load current. Unlike conventional shunt-mode (two-terminal) references that waste supply current and require an external resistor, this device offers a supply current that is virtually independent of the supply voltage (with only a 4µA/V variation with supply voltage) and does not require an external resistor. Additionally, this internally compensated device does not require an external compensation capacitor and is stable with load capacitance. Eliminating the external compensation capacitor saves valuable board area in space-critical applications. Low dropout voltage and supply-independent, ultra-low supply current makes this device ideal for battery-operated, high-performance, low voltage systems.
The MAX6100 is available in a tiny 3-pin SOT23 packages.


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