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MX27L1000MC-10 Datasheet PDF - Macronix International

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Macronix International Macronix
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MX27L1000MC-10 Datasheet PDF : MX27L1000MC-10 pdf   
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The MX27L1000 is a 1M-bit, One Time Programmable Read Only Memory. It isorganized as 128K words by 8 bits per word, opeates from a single 2.7 to 3.6 volt supply, has a static standby mode, and features fast single address location programming. All programming signals are TTL levels, requirin a single pulse. For programming outside from the system, existing EPROM programmers may be used. The MX27L1000 supports a intelligent fast programming algorithm which can result in programming time of less than thirty seconds.

• 128K x 8 organization
• Wide power supply range, 2.7V DC to 3.6VDC
• +12.5V programming voltage
• Fast access time:90/120/150/200/250 ns
• Totally static operation
• Completely TTL compatible
• Operating current: 20mA @3.6V, 5MHz
• Standby current: 10uA
• Package type:
   - 32 pin plastic DIP
   - 32 pin SOP
   - 32 pin TSOP
   - 32 pin PLCC


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