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LT1490 Datasheet PDF - Linear Technology

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
LT1490 Dual and Quad Micropower Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amps Linear
Linear Technology Linear
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LT1490 Datasheet PDF : LT1490 pdf   
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The dual LT®1490 and quad LT1491 op amps operate on all single and split supplies with a total voltage of 2V to 44V drawing only 40µA of quiescent current per amplifier. These amplifiers are reverse supply protected; they draw no current for reverse supply up to 18V. The input range of the LT1490/LT1491 includes both supplies and the output swings to both supplies. Unlike most micropower op amps, the LT1490/LT1491 can drive heavy loads; their rail-to-rail outputs drive 20mA. The LT1490/LT1491 are unity-gain stable and drive all capacitive loads up to 10,000pF when optional 0.22µF and 150Ω compensation is used.

■ Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
■ Single Supply Input Range: –0.4V to 44V
■ Micropower: 50µA/Amplifier Max
■ Specified on 3V, 5V and ±15V Supplies
■ High Output Current: 20mA
■ Output Drives 10,000pF with Output Compensation
■ Reverse Battery Protection to 18V
■ No Supply Sequencing Problems
■ High Voltage Gain: 1500V/mV
■ High CMRR: 98dB
■ No Phase Reversal
■ Gain Bandwidth Product: 200kHz

■ Battery- or Solar-Powered Systems
   Portable Instrumentation
   Sensor Conditioning
■ Supply Current Sensing
■ Battery Monitoring
■ Micropower Active Filters
■ 4mA to 20mA Transmitters


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