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ML14469QP Datasheet PDF - LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ML14469QP Addressable Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
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ML14469QP Datasheet PDF : ML14469QP pdf   
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The ML14469 receives one or two 11–bit words in a serial data stream. One of the incoming words contains the address and when the address matches, the ML14469 then transmits information in two 11–bit word data streams. Each of the transmitted words contains eight data bits, an even parity bit, and start and stop bits. The received word contains seven address bits with the address of the ML14469 set on seven pins. Therefore, 27 or 128 units can be interconnected in simplex or full–duplex data transmission. In addition to the address received, seven command bits may be received for general–purpose data or control use. The ML14469 finds application in transmitting data from remote analog–to–digital converters, remote MPUs, or remote digital trans ducers to the master computer or MPU.

• Supply Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 18 V
• Low Quiescent Current: 75 µA Maximum @ 5 V, 25°C
• Guaranteed Data Rates to 4800 Baud @ 5 V, to 9600 Baud @ 12 V
• Receive — Serial to Parallel
Transmit — Parallel to Parallel
• Transmit and Receive Simultaneously in Full Duplex
• Crystal or Resonator Operation for On–Chip Oscillator
• See Application Note AN806A
• Chip Complexity: 1200 FETs or 300 Equivalent Gates
• Operating Temperature Range TA = –40° to +85°C

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