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ML13145-9P UHF Wideband Receiver Subsystem (LNA, Mixer, VCO, rescaler, IF Subsystem, Coiless Detector) LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
ML13145-9P Datasheet PDF : ML13145-9P pdf   
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The ML13145 is a dual conversion integrated RF receiver intended for ISM band applications. It features a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), two 50 Ω linear Mixers with linearity control, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), second LO amplifier, divide by 64/65 dual modulus Prescalar, split IF Amplifier and Limiter, RSSI output, Coilless FM/FSK Demodulator and power down control. Together with the transmit chip (ML13146) and the baseband chip (MC33410 or MC33411A/B), a complete 900 MHz cordless phone system can be implemented. This device may be used in applications up to 1.8 GHz, and operating temperature TA = –20° to +70°C.

• Low (<1.8 dB @ 900 MHz) Noise Figure LNA with 14 dB Gain
• Externally Programmable Mixer linearity: IIP3 = 10(nom.) to 17 dBm (Mixer1); IIP3 = 10 (nom.) to 17 dBm (Mixer2)
• 50 Ω Mixer Input Impedance and Open Collector Output (Mixer 1 and Mixer 2); 50 Ω Second LO (LO2) Input Impedance
• Low Power 64/65 Dual Modulus Prescalar (ML12054A type)
• Split IF for Improved Filtering and Extended RSSI Range
• Internal 330 Ω Terminations for 10.7 MHz Filters
• Linear Coilless FM/FSK Demodulator with Externally Programmable Bandwidth, Center Frequency and Audio level
• 2.7 to 6.5 V Operation, Low Current Drain (<27 mA, Typ @ 3.6 V) with Power Down Mode (<10 µA, Typ)
• 2.4 GHz RF, 1.0 GHz IF1 and 50 MHz IF2 Bandwidth

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