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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ML12079PP 2.8 GHz Prescaler MECL PLL Components ÷64/128/256 Prescaler LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
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ML12079PP Datasheet PDF : ML12079PP pdf   
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The ML12079 is a single modulus divide by 64, 128, 256 prescaler for low power frequency division of a 2.8 GHz (typical) high frequency input signal. Divide ratio control inputs SW1 and SW2 select the required divide ratio of ÷64, ÷128, or ÷256.
An external load resistor is required to terminate the output. A 1.2 kΩ resistor is recommended to achieve a 1.6 V pp output swing, when dividing a 1.1 GHz input signal by the minimum divide ratio of 64, assuming a 12 pF load. Output current can be minimized dependent on conditions such as output frequency, capacitive load being driven, and output voltage swing required. Typical values for load resistors are included in the Vout specification for various divide ratios at 2.8 GHz input frequency.

• 2.8 GHz Toggle Frequency
• Supply Voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V
• Low Supply Current 9mA Typical at VCC = 5.0 V
• Operating Temperature Range of TA = –40 to 85°C


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