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KYL-500L Special RF module for Wireless POS Terminal KYL
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KYL-500L Datasheet PDF : KYL-500L pdf   
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I: About KYL-500L
KYL-500L, the micro power wireless transceiver data module, is designed for order-dish system. With small size, low power consumption as well as good stability and reliability, it is also widely used for other embedded systems like AMR.

II. Features of KYL-500L
1. Low power transmission: 400mW
2. Carrier frequency: 433MHz (default), 400-470MHz (optional)
3. High anti- interference and Low BER (Bit Error Rate)
   Based on GFSK modulation, high-efficiency forward error correction channel encoding technology is used to enhance the data’s resistance to both transient interference and random interference. The actual BER can be achieved to 10-5~10-6 when channel BER is 10-2.
4. Long Transmission Distance
   Within the visible range, when the height of antenna is higher than 2m and The BER is 10-5, the reliable transmission distance is 2km @1200bps, and is 1.5km@9600bps respectively.
5. Transparent data transmission
   Transparent data interface used in transceivers is to meet many standard and nonstandard user protocols. Any false data generated in air can be filtrated automatically (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted).
6. Multi-channels
   We provide 8 channels, expandable for 16, 32 channels according to requirements of customers.
7. Big data buffer area
   With optional interface baud rates: 1200/4800/9600/19200bps and 8N1/8E1/8O1 data format (decide by user), the transceiver can transmit unlimited data frames with flexible user program.
   Note: the RF data rate is only settled down before delivery; please inform our sales when placing your orders.
8. Intelligent data control system and no other extra programs required
   Even for half duplex communication, no other excessive programs are required. All RF system data transmission/reception and other On-the-Fly conversion and control are performed by KYL-500L transceivers automatically.
9. Lower power consumption & nice sleep function
   With +3.3V to 3.6 power, the receiving current is less than 25mA, the transmitting current is less than 200mA, and the sleeping current is less than 1uA.
10. High reliability, small size and excellent performance
   High sensitivity, small size is suitable for the order-dish system. With Long transmission distance, strong penetrability, it is preferable for handheld terminal.
III. Applications of KYL-500L
* Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
* Wireless Dish-ordering system;
* Wireless POS, PDA, wireless smart terminals;
* Lower power consumption System;
* Wireless alarm and security systems
* Building automation, security, wireless monitor and control of room equipment, Access Control System;
* Wireless data transmission, automatic data collection system;
* Radio modem can be used for Sports training & competition;
* Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
* Wireless telemetry, charging for parking, parking lot;
* Automobile inspection and four-wheel orientation;
* Wireless sensor, Industrial wireless remote control and air condition remote control;
* LED display in thruway and public place
* Point to multi-point wireless network, wireless on-the-spot bus and automatic data collection system;


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