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NJM2783 Datasheet PDF - Japan Radio Corporation

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NJM2783 Monaural Microphone Amplifier with ALC JRC
Japan Radio Corporation  JRC
NJM2783 Datasheet PDF : NJM2783 pdf   
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The NJM2783 is a monaural microphone amplifier with auto level control function to avoid distortion due to clipping. The voltage gain and the limit level are adjustable by external resistors.
It is suitable for mini component audio system, home audio system, karaoke and others.

• Operating Voltage                                     +2.7 to +13.0V
• Monaural Microphone Amplifier
• Auto level control (ALC) function
   (Adjustable the limit level by external resistors    200mVrms to 2Vrms)
• Adjustable the voltage gain by external resistors     +20 to +63dB (RSENSE=OPEN)
• Additional Gain Amplifier                             0dB/+20dB switchable
• Built-in Buffer Amplifier
• Low Equivalent Input Noise                            1µVrms typ.
• Carefully designed to reject RF noise
• Bipolar Technology
• Package Outline                                       SSOP14

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