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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
JANSR2N7272 8A, 100V, 0.180 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFET Intersil
Intersil Intersil
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JANSR2N7272 Datasheet PDF : JANSR2N7272 pdf   
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The Intersil Corporation,has designed a series of SECOND GENERATION hardened power MOSFETs of both N-Chan nel and P-Channel enhancement types with ratings from 100V to 500V, 1A to 60A, and on resistance as low as 25mΩ. Total dose hardness is offered at 100K RAD (Si) and 1000K RAD (Si) with neutron hardness ranging from 1E13 for 500V product to 1E14 for 100V product. Dose rate hard ness (GAMMA DOT) exists for rates to 1E9 without current limiting and 2E12 with current limiting.

• 8A, 100V, rDS(ON) = 0.180Ω
• Total Dose
  - Meets Pre-RAD Specifications to 100K RAD (Si)
• Dose Rate
  - Typically Survives 3E9 RAD (Si)/s at 80% BVDSS
  - Typically Survives 2E12 if Current Limited to IDM
• Photo Current
  - 1.5nA Per-RAD(Si)/s Typically
• Neutron
- Maintain Pre-RAD Specifications for 3E13 Neutrons/cm2
- Usable to 3E14 Neutrons/cm2

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