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HS-1840RH/883S Datasheet PDF - Intersil

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HS-1840RH/883S Rad-Hard 16 Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer with High-Z Analog Input Protection Intersil
Intersil Intersil
HS-1840RH/883S Datasheet PDF : HS-1840RH/883S pdf   
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The HS-1840RH/883S is a radiation hardened, monolithic 16 channel multiplexer constructed with the Intersil Linear Dielectric Isolation CMOS process. It is designed to provide a high input impedance to the analog source if device power fails (open) or the analog signal voltage inadvertently exceeds the supply rails during powered operation. Excellent for use in redundant applications, since the secondary device can be operated in a standby unpowered mode affording no additional power drain. More significantly, a very high impedance exists between the active and inactive devices preventing any interaction. One of sixteen channel selection is controlled by a 4-bit binary address plus an Enable-Inhibit input which conve niently controls the ON/OFF operation of several multiplexers in a system. All digital inputs have electrostatic discharge protection.

• This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to Mil-Std-883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1.
• Radiation Environment
   - Gamma Rate 1 x 108 RAD(Si)/s
   - Gamma Dose (γ) 2 x 105 RAD(Si)
• Low Power Consumption
• Fast Access Time 1000ns
• High Analog Input Impedance 500MΩ
  During Power Loss (Open)
• Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands
• Excellent In Hi-Rel Redundant Systems
• Break-Before-Make Switching
• No Latch-Up


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