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HCPL-0454 Datasheet PDF - HP => Agilent Technologies

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
HCPL-0454 High CMR, High Speed Optocouplers HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
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HCPL-0454 Datasheet PDF : HCPL-0454 pdf   
HCPL-4504 image

These optocouplers are similar to HP’s other high speed transistor optocouplers but with shorter propagation delays and higher CTR. The HCPL-4504/0454 and HCNW4504 also have a guaranteed propagation delay difference (tPLH - tPHL). These features make these optocouplers an excellent solution to IPM inverter dead time and other switching problems.

• Short Propagation Delays for TTL and IPM Applications
• 15 kV/µs Minimum Common Mode Transient Immunity at VCM = 1500 V for TTL/Load Drive
• High CTR at TA = 25°C
   >25% for HCPL-4504/0454
   >23% for HCNW4504
• Electrical Specifications for Common IPM Applications
• TTL Compatible
• Guaranteed Performance from 0°C to 70°C
• Open Collector Output
• Safety Approval
   UL Recognized - 2500 V rms
      for 1 minute (5000 V rms for
      1 minute for
      HCPL-4504#020 and
      HCNW4504)per UL1577
   CSA Approved
   VDE 0884 Approved
      -VIORM = 630 V peak for
      -VIORM = 1414 V peak for
   BSI Certified (HCNW4504)
• Available in 8-Pin DIP, SO-8, Widebody Packages

• Inverter Circuits and Intelligent Power Module (IPM) interfacing - High Common Mode Transient Immunity (> 10 kV/µs for an IPM load/drive) and (tPLH - tPHL) Specified (See Power Inverter Dead Time section)
• Line Receivers - Short Propagation Delays and Low Input-Output Capacitance
• High Speed Logic Ground Isolation - TTL/TTL, TTL/ CMOS, TTL/LSTTL
• Replaces Pulse
   Transformers - Save Board Space and Weight
• Analog Signal Ground
   Isolation - Integrated Photodetector Provides Improved Linearity over Phototransistors


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