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GS1881-ITA Monolithic Video Sync Separators Gennum
Gennum -> Semtech Gennum
GS1881-ITA Datasheet PDF : GS1881-ITA pdf   
GS4881 image

The GS1881, GS4881 and GS4981 are general purpose sync separators for use in a wide variety of video applications. The devices extract the timing information from composite video signals with scan rates from 15 to 130kHz.
The GS1881 is a drop-in replacement for the industry standard LM1881 with much improved performance. The device generates composite sync, vertical sync, back porch and odd/even field signals. The GS4881 is identical to the GS1881 but features a noise immune back porch pulse which maintains a constant H rate during the vertical interval. The GS4981 is identical to the GS4881, except that it provides horizontal sync in place of the odd/even output.

• noise tolerant odd/even flag, back porch and horizontal sync pulse
• fast recovery from impulse noise
• excellent temperature stability
• 0.5V to 4Vpp input signal amplitude with 5V supply
• well-controlled clamp discharge current and slicing level
• programmable horizontal scan rate (up to 130kHz)
• composite, vertical, back porch, odd/even (GS1881, GS4881), horizontal (GS4981) outputs
• predictable vertical output pulse width with default trigger for non-standard video signals
• Pb-free and Green
• 5V to 12V supply voltage range
• pin compatible with LM1881 sync separator


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