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MC68EC030 Datasheet PDF - Freescale Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MC68EC030 Second-Generation 32-Bit Enhanced Embedded Controller Freescale
Freescale Semiconductor Freescale
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The MC68EC030 is a 32-bit embedded controller that streamlines the functionality of an MC68030 for the requirements of embedded control applications.  The MC68EC030 is optimized to maintain
performance while using cost-effective memory subsystems. The rich instruction set and  addressing mode capabilities of the MC68020, MC68030, and MC68040 have been maintained, allowing a clear migration path for M68000 systems. The main features of the MC68EC030 are as follows:
•  Object-Code Compatible with the MC68020, MC68030, and Earlier M68000 Microprocessors
• Burst-Mode Bus Interface for Efficient DRAM Access
• On-Chip Data Cache (256 Bytes) and On-Chip Instruction Cache (256 Byte)
• Dynamic Bus Sizing for Direct Interface to 8-, 16-, and 32-Bit Devices
• 25- and 40-MHz Operating Frequency (up to 9.2 MIPS)
• Advanced Plastic Pin Grid Array Packaging for Through-Hole Applications


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