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KA1H0380 Datasheet PDF - Fairchild Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
KA1H0380 SPS Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
KA1H0380 Datasheet PDF : KA1H0380 pdf   
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The SPS product family is specially designed for an off-line SMPS with minimal external components. The SPS consist of high voltage power SenseFET and current mode PWM IC. Included PWM controller features integrated fixed oscillator, under voltage lock out, leading edge blanking, optimized gate turn-on/turn-off driver, thermal shut down protection, over voltage protection, and temperature compensated precision current sources for loop compensation and fault protection circuitry. Compared to discrete MOSFET and controller or RCC switching converter solution, a SPS can reduce total component count, design size, weight and at the same time increase efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. It has a basic platform well suited for cost effective design in either a flyback converter or a forward converter.

• Precision fixed operating frequency (100kHz)
• Pulse by pulse over current limiting
• Over Current Protection
• Over Voltage Protection (Min. 23V)
• Internal thermal shutdown function
• Under voltage lockout
• Internal high voltage sense FET
• Auto restart


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