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Part NumberDM74LS161A Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
DescriptionSynchronous 4-Bit Binary Counters
DM74LS161A Datasheet PDF : DM74LS161A pdf   

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General Description
These synchronous, presettable counters feature an internal carry look-ahead for application in high-speed counting designs. The DM74LS161A and DM74LS163A are 4-bit binary counters. The carry output is decoded by means of a NOR gate, thus preventing spikes during the normal counting mode of operation. Synchronous operation is provided by having all flip-flops clocked simultaneously so that the outputs change coincident with each other when so instructed by the count-enable inputs and internal gating. This mode of operation eliminates the output counting
spikes which are normally associated with asynchronous (ripple clock) counters. A buffered clock input triggers the four flip-flops on the rising (positive-going) edge of the clock input waveform.

■Synchronously programmable
■Internal look-ahead for fast counting
■Carry output for n-bit cascading
■Synchronous counting
■Load control line
■Diode-clamped inputs
■Typical propagation time, clock to Q output 14 ns
■Typical clock frequency 32 MHz
■Typical power dissipation 93 mW

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DM74LS161A Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counters

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