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74LVT125PW Datasheet PDF - ETC3

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74LVT125PW 3.3 V quad buffer; 3-state ETC3
74LVT125PW Datasheet PDF : 74LVT125PW pdf   
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General description
The 74LVT125; 74LVTH125 is a high-performance BiCMOS product designed for VCC operation at 3.3 V.
This device combines low static and dynamic power dissipation with high speed and high output drive. The 74LVT125; 74LVTH125 device is a quad buffer that is ideal for driving bus lines. The device features four output enable inputs (1OE, 2OE, 3OE and 4OE), each controlling one of the 3-state outputs.

Features and benefits
■ Quad bus interface
■ 3-state buffers
■ Output capability: +64 mA and 32 mA
■ TTL input and output switching levels
■ Input and output interface capability to systems at 5 V supply
■ Bus hold data inputs eliminate need for external pull-up resistors to hold unused inputs
■ Live insertion and extraction permitted
■ No bus current loading when output is tied to 5 V bus
■ Power-up 3-state
■ Latch-up protection:
   ♦ JESD78: exceeds 500 mA
■ ESD protection:
   ♦ MIL STD 883 method 3015: exceeds 2000 V
   ♦ Machine model: exceeds 200 V

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