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CBM1180 Fastest & Securest USB 2.0/USB1.1 Flash Disk Controller with dedicated 32-bit microprocessor ETC2
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CBM1180 Datasheet PDF : CBM1180 pdf   
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[Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd.]

The CBM2080 is the fastest, securest USB 2.0 Flash Disk controller on the market. With dual-channel mode enabled, CBM2080 can reach theoretical flash access speed limit of 22MByte/s for read and 20MByte/s for write. For CBM1180/CBM1183, it can reach 1.0Mbytes/s write and 1.1Mbytes/s read.

 USB Interface
   High-speed USB 2.0 interface; backward compatible with USB 1.1
   Integrated USB 2.0/USB1.1 PHY and controller
 Fastest data transfer rate on the market
   Dual-channel mode: 22MB/s for Read, 20MB/s for Write
   Single-channel mode: 11MB/s for Read, 10MB/s for Write
   CBM1180 CBM1183: 1.1MB/s for Read, 1.0MB/s for Write
   (No difference between Dual and single channel mode)
 On-the-fly ECC built-in Hardware enhances reliability
   ECC for Binary NAND flash: 3-24 bit/page (1 page = 528 bytes)
   ECC for MLC NAND flash: 6-24 bit/page
   ECC for AG-AND flash: 6-24 bit/page
 Hardware & Software Data Protection Technology
   Prevent data corruption even if it is powered off or unplugged during data transfer.
 NAND, AG-AND & MLC Flash Interface
   Supports Samsung & Toshiba NAND flash memories
   Supports Toshiba & Sandisk MLC flash memories
   Supports Renesas AG-AND flash memories
   Supports Infenion / Hynix flash memories
   Supports ST Microelectronics flash memories
   Supports Micron / Actrans flash memories
   Software configuration to support various new flash memories
   Supports up to 8 flash chips.
 Proprietary 32-bit CISC microprocessor feature
   Proprietary 32-bit CISC processor for USB protocol processing and flash access.
   Single cycle instruction period
 Write-protect switch for security
 Integrated 3.3v to 1.8v voltage regulator
 LED indicator to show access status
   Three modes: Busy, waiting, and off
 Disk partitions and password check for security disk available
 PC boot up as USB Zip Disk and USB Hard Disk
 Auto run function
 USB suspend and resume
 Low power dissipation
   Operating current 50mA (Bus power compatible)
 Leading 0.18um CMOS technology
 48-pin TQFP /64-pin LQFP package
   48-pin CBM2080/CBM1180/CBM1183 supports up to 4 Flash Chips
   64-pin CBM2080L/CBM1180L/CBM1183L supports up to 8 Flash Chips
 Windows, Mac and Linux compatible


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