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C-Cube Microsystems presents the CL8830 MPEG-2 A/V Processor, its 3rd generation single-chip MPEG-2 A/V decoder. The CL8830 delivers high-quality play back of all popular video disc formats, including Chaoji VCD, CVD, VCD2.0, and VCD1.1. In addition, the CL8830 significantly enriches the consumers' home theater and karaoke experience with its breakthrough RealSonic audio technology.

The CL8830 delivers an unparalleled set of features, including:"

• MPEG-2 A/V decoding at 2/3 and 1/2 D1 resolutions
• Variable bitrate (VBR) technology to ensure the highest quality video output
• An embedded 50 MIPS dedicated Audio DSP provides a rich audio feature set
• C-Cube's RealSonic Audio technology allows royaltyfree DVD-quality home-theater audio and custom audio effects
• Basic Karaoke functions (mic echo, key control, stereo vocal cancel and voice detect)
• Professional Karaoke functions such as vocal harmony, vocal chorus, vocal scoring, vocal flange, vocal reverb, microphone treble and simulated stereo
• Home Theater Effects, including: WideSound™, RealSonic 3D audio, RealSonic multichannel outputs, RealSonic concert hall, RealSonic dynamic range compression and graphic equalizer
• Two stereo audio input channels allow full stereo multiple language support and full stereo Karaoke
• High-resolution lyrics for clear, crisp movie subtitles
• Lyrics scrolling and color change for Karaoke sing-alone
• Multiple high-resolution Lyrics channels to support multiple language subtitles
• Zoom and fade-in/fade-out functions for still and motion pictures
• Integrated SDRAM interface for compact, low-cost memory design
• ClearView™, DiscView™, and FlexView™ technologies
• Highest playback quality for all video disc formats including Chaoji VCD, CVD, VCD1.x, VCD2.0, CD-DA and CD-I


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