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The CL680 VideoCD Decoder is a highly integrated MPEG-1 system decoder for VideoCD players.

• Higher Integration: The CL680 has an integrated digital NTSC/PAL encoder, eliminating
   the need for a discrete device and reducing total design footprint. Stereo key control and
   vocal fade features replace additional audio circuitry in Karaoke applications. No other
   single-chip decoder on the market can match the CL680’s level of integration.
• Enhanced Quality: The CL680 incorporates WideSound™, C-Cube’s proprietary audio
   technology that provides a surround sound experience in stereo applications. Also, the
   OSD feature has been enhanced to display more on-screen characters.
• Greater Reliability: C-Cube’s ClearView™ technology, introduced on the CL484, has been
   further enhanced in the CL680. VideoCD players based on the CL680 play more types of
   media and have fewer visible flaws than ever.
The CL680’s microcoded architecture enables OEMs to retain their engineering investment
in hardware and system software from their CL484 designs. CL680-based designs can be
upgraded to add new features as the CL680 product line evolves without changing the
hardware design.

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