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ADC-318A Datasheet PDF - DATEL Data Acquisition products

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ADC-318A 8-Bit, 120MHz and 140MHz Full-Flash A/D Converter Datel
DATEL Data Acquisition products  Datel
ADC-318A Datasheet PDF : ADC-318A pdf   
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The ADC-318 and ADC-318A are 8 bit monolithic bipolar, full flash A/D converters. Though they have high, 120MHz (ADC-318) and 140MHz (ADC-318A), sampling rates, their input logic level, including the start convert pulse, is TTL, ECL and PECL compatible. Digital outputs are also TTL compatible and allow a straight output or a programmable 1:2 de-multiplexed output.

• Low power dissipation (960mW max.)
• TTL compatible output
• Diff./Integral nonlinearity (±½LSB max.)
• 1:2 Demultiplexed straight output programmable
• 2:1 Frequency divided TTL clock output with reset
• Surface mount package
• Selectable Input Logic (TTl, ECL, PECL)
• +5V or ±5V Power Supply Operation

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