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CX02066B24 Datasheet PDF - Conexant Systems

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CX02066B24 3.3 Volt Laser Driver IC for Applications to 3 Gbps Conexant
Conexant Systems Conexant
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CX02066B24 Datasheet PDF : CX02066B24 pdf   
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The CX02066 is a highly integrated, programmable laser driver intended for SONET/SDH applications with FEC to 3 Gbps. Using differential PECL data and clock inputs, the CX02066 supplies the bias and modulation current for driving an edge-emitting laser. The modulation output can be DC-coupled to the laser diode, giving a significant power saving over AC-coupled operation.
The CX02066 includes automatic power control to maintain a constant average laser output power over temperature and life. In addition, the modulation current is temperature compensated to minimize variation in extinction ratio over temperature.
Output flags indicate laser end of life as well as failure of the APC circuitry to maintain average output power.

❐ High speed operation; suitable for applications to 3 Gbps.  Typical rise/fall times <90 ps.
❐ DC or AC coupled modulation drive.
❐ Differential data and clock inputs to minimize pattern dependent jitter.
❐ Independently Programmable Laser Bias and Modulation currents. Bias current to 100 mA and modulation current to 85 mA at VCC=3.3V
❐ Automatic Laser Power Control, with programmable Temperature Compensation and ‘Slow-Start’.
❐ Bias and modulation current monitor
❐ Operates with +3.3 Volt supply
❐ Functionally compatible with MAX 3869
❐ The CX02066 is available in die form, or packages (BCC+24 or TQFP32)


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