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CAT521W-TE13 Datasheet PDF - Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi

Part NumberCAT521W-TE13 Catalyst
Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi Catalyst
DescriptionConfigured Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP™): Programmable Voltage Applications
CAT521W-TE13 Datasheet PDF : CAT521W-TE13 pdf   
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The CAT521 is a 8-bit digitally-programmable potentiometer (DPP™) configured for programmable
voltage and DAC-like applications. Intended for final calibration of products such as camcorders, fax machines and cellular telephones on automated high volume production lines, it is also well suited for self-calibrating systems and for applications where equipment which requires periodic adjustment is either difficult to access or in a hazardous environment.

■8-bit DPP configured as a programmable voltage source in DAC-like applications
■Buffered wiper output
■Non-volatile NVRAM memory wiper storage
■Output voltage range includes both supply rails
■1 LSB accuracy, high resolution
■Serial Microwire-like interface
■Single supply operation: 2.7V - 5.5V
■Setting read-back without effecting outputs

■Automated product calibration
■Remote control adjustment of equipment
■Offset, gain and zero adjustments in self-calibrating and adaptive control systems
■Tamper-proof calibrations
■DAC (with memory) substitute

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