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CAT24C023 Datasheet PDF - Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi

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CAT24C023 Supervisory Circuits with I2C Serial CMOS E2PROM, Precision Reset Controller and Watchdog Timer Catalyst
Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi Catalyst
CAT24C023 Datasheet PDF : CAT24C023 pdf   
CAT24C043 image

CAT24C163(16K), CAT24C083(8K)
CAT24C043(4K), CAT24C023(2K)

The CAT24CXX3 is a single chip solution to three popular functions of EEPROM memory, precision reset controller and watchdog timer. The 24C163(16K), 24C083(8K), 24C043(4K) and 24C023(2K) feature a I2C Serial CMOS EEPROM Catalyst advanced CMOS technology substantially reduces device power requirements.The 24CXX3 features a 16-byte page and is available in 8-pin DIP or 8-pin SOIC packages.The reset function of the 24CXX3 protects the system during brown out and power up/down conditions. During system failure the watchdog timer feature protects the microcontroller with a reset signal. 24CXX3 features active low reset on pin 2 and active high reset on pin 7. 24CXX3 features watchdog timer on the WDI input pin (pin 1).

■Watchdog Timer Input (WDI)
■ Programmable Reset Threshold
■ 400 KHz I2C Bus Compatible
■ 2.7 to 6 Volt Operation
■ Low Power CMOS Technology
■ 16 - Byte Page Write Buffer
■Built-in inadvertent write protection
■  Active High or Low Reset Outputs
   — Precision Power Supply Voltage Monitoring
   —  5V, 3.3V and 3V options
■ 1,000,000 Program/Erase Cycles
■ 100 Year Data Retention
■8-Pin DIP or 8-Pin SOIC
■Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges

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