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93C56 Datasheet PDF - Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi

Part Number93C56 Catalyst
Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi Catalyst
Description1K/2K/2K/4K/16K-Bit Microwire Serial E2PROM
93C56 Datasheet PDF : 93C56 pdf   
CAT93C46 image

The CAT93C46/56/57/66/86 are 1K/2K/2K/4K/16K-bit Serial E2PROM memory devices which are configured as either registers of 16 bits (ORG pin at VCC) or 8 bits (ORG pin at GND). Each register can be written (or read) serially by using the DI (or DO) pin.

■High Speed Operation:
– 93C46/56/57/66: 1MHz
– 93C86: 3MHz
■Low Power CMOS Technology
■1.8 to 6.0 Volt Operation
■Selectable x8 or x16 Memory Organization
■Self-Timed Write Cycle with Auto-Clear
■Hardware and Software Write Protection
■Power-Up Inadvertant Write Protection
■1,000,000 Program/Erase Cycles
■100 Year Data Retention
■Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges
■Sequential Read (except 93C46)
■ Program Enable (PE) Pin (93C86 only)

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