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Part NumberHCPL-0370 Avagotech
Avago Technologies Avagotech
DescriptionLow Input Current/ High Gain Optocouplers
HCPL-0370 Datasheet PDF : HCPL-0370 pdf   HCPL-0370 pdf   
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The  HCPL-0370/3700  and  HCPL-3760  are  voltage/current threshold detection optocouplers. The HCPL-3760 is a low-current version of the HCPL-0370/3700. To obtain lower current operation, the HCPL-3760 uses a high-efficiency AlGaAs LED which provides higher light output at lower drive currents. The devices utilize threshold sensing input buffer ICs which permit control of threshold levels over a wide range of input voltages with a single external resistor.


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HCPL-0370 Low Input Current/ High Gain Optocouplers

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