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AZ100LVE111E Datasheet PDF - Arizona Microtek, Inc

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AZ100LVE111E ECL/PECL 1:9 Differential Clock Driver with Enable AZM
Arizona Microtek, Inc AZM
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AZ100LVE111E Datasheet PDF : AZ100LVE111E pdf   
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The AZ10/100LVE111E is a low skew 1-to-9 differential driver, designed with clock distribution in mind. The IN signal is fanned-out to nine identical differential outputs. An Enable input is also provided. A HIGH disables the device by forcing all Q outputs LOW and all Q¯ outputs HIGH.

• Operating Range of 3.0V to 5.5V
• Low Skew
• Guaranteed Skew Spec
• Differential Design
• Enable
• VBB Output
• 75kΩ Internal Input Pulldown Resistors
• Direct Replacement for ON Semiconductor MC10E111 & MC100E111


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