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HCNW2211-300E Very High CMR, Wide VCC Logic Gate Optocouplers AVAGO
Avago Technologies AVAGO
HCNW2211-300E Datasheet PDF : HCNW2211-300E pdf   
HCPL-2201-560E image

The HCPL-22XX, HCPL-02XX, and HCNW22XX are optically-coupled logic gates. The HCPL-22XX, and HCPL-02XX contain a GaAsP LED while the HCNW22XX contains an AlGaAs LED. The detectors have totem pole output stages and optical receiver input stages with built-in Schmitt triggers to provide logic-compatible waveforms, eliminat ing the need for additional waveshaping.

• 10 kV/µs minimum Common Mode Rejection
(CMR) at VCM = 1000 V (HCPL-2211/2212/0211/2232,HCNW2211)
• Wide operating VCC range: 4.5 to 20 Volts
• 300 ns propagation delay guaranteed over the full temperature range
• 5 Mbd typical signal rate
• Low input current (1.6 mA to 1.8 mA)
• Hysteresis
• Totem pole output (no pullup resistor required)
• Available in 8-Pin DIP, SOIC-8, widebody packages
• Guaranteed performance from -40°C to 85°C
• Safety approval
– UL recognized -3750 V rms for 1 minute (5000V rms for 1 minute for HCNW22XX) per UL1577
– CSAapproved
– IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 approved with VIORM = 630 V peak (HCPL-2211/2212 Option 060 only) and V
IORM = 1414 V peak (HCNW22XX only)
• MIL-PRF-38534 hermetic version available (HCPL-52XX/62XX)

• Isolation of high speed logic systems
• Computer-peripheral interfaces
• Microprocessor system interfaces
• Ground loop elimination
• Pulse transformer replacement
• High speed line receiver
• Power control systems

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