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AIC1730 Datasheet PDF - Analog Intergrations

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AIC1730 Low Noise Low Dropout, 150mA Linear Regulator AIC
Analog Intergrations AIC
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AIC1730 Datasheet PDF : AIC1730 pdf   
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The AIC1730 is a low noise, low dropout linear regulator, housed in a small SOT-23-5 & SOT-23- 6W package. The device is in the “ON” state when the SHDN pin is set to a logic high level. An internal P-MOSFET pass transistor is used to achieve a low dropout voltage of 90mV at 50mA load current. It offers high precision output voltage of ±2%. The very low quiescent current and low dropout voltage make this device ideal for battery powered applications. The internal reverse bias protection eliminates the requirement for a reverse voltage protection diode. The high ripple rejection and low noise provide enhanced performance for critical applications. An external capacitor can be connected to the noise bypass pin to reduce the output noise level.

● Available in ±2% Output Tolerance.
● 1.8V to 3.3V Output Voltage with 0.1V Increment.
● Active Low Shutdown Control.
● Very Low Quiescent Current.
● Very Low Dropout Voltage.
● Miniature Package (SOT-23-5 & SOT-23-6W)
● Short Circuit and Thermal Protection.
● Very Low Noise.

● Cellular Telephones.
● Pagers.
● Personal Communication Equipment.
● Cordless Telephones.
● Portable Instrumentation.
● Portable Consumer Equipment.
● Radio Control Systems.
● Low Voltage Systems.
● Battery Powered Systems.


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