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ADV7177KS Integrated Digital CCIR-601 to PAL/NTSC Video Encoder ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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ADV7177KS Datasheet PDF : ADV7177KS pdf   
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The ADV7177/ADV7178 is an integrated digital video encoder that converts Digital CCIR-601 4:2:2 8- or 16-bit component video data into a standard analog baseband television signal compatible with worldwide standards. The 4:2:2 YUV video data is interpolated to two times the pixel rate. The color difference components (UV) are quadrature modulated using a subcarrier frequency generated by an on-chip 32-bit digital synthesizer (also running at two times the pixel rate).

  ITU-R BT601/656 YCrCb to PAL/NTSC Video Encoder
  High Quality 9-Bit Video DACs
  Integral Nonlinearity <1 LSB at 9 Bits
  Single 27 MHz Crystal/Clock Required (32 Oversampling)
  75 dB Video SNR
  32-Bit Direct Digital Synthesizer for Color Subcarrier
  Multistandard Video Output Support:
     Composite (CVBS)
     Component S-Video (Y/C)
     Component YUV and RGB
  Video Input Data Port Supports:
     CCIR-656 4:2:2 8-Bit Parallel Input Format
     4:2:2 16-Bit Parallel Input Format
  SMPTE 170M NTSC-Compatible Composite Video
  ITU-R BT.470 PAL-Compatible Composite Video
  Full Video Output Drive or Low Signal Drive Capability
     34.7 mA max into 37.5 V (Doubly-Terminated 75R)
     5 mA min with External Buffers
  Programmable Simultaneous Composite and S-VHS
  (VHS) Y/C or RGB (SCART)/YUV Video Outputs
  Programmable Luma Filters (Low-Pass/Notch/Extended)
  Programmable VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval)
  Programmable Subcarrier Frequency and Phase
  Programmable LUMA Delay
  Individual ON/OFF Control of Each DAC
  CCIR and Square Pixel Operation
  Color Signal Control/Burst Signal Control
  Interlaced/Noninterlaced Operation
  Complete On-Chip Video Timing Generator
  OSD Support (AD7177 Only)
  Programmable Multimode Master/Slave Operation
  Macrovision Antitaping Rev 7.01 (ADV7178 Only)**
  Closed Captioning Support
  Onboard Voltage Reference
  2-Wire Serial MPU Interface (I2C® Compatible)
  Single Supply +5 V or +3 V Operation
  Small 44-Lead PQFP Package
  Synchronous 27 MHz/13.5 MHz Clock O/P

  MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video, DVD, Digital Satellite/Cable Systems (Set Top Boxes/IRDs), Digital TVs, CD Video/Karaoke, Video Games, PC Video/Multimedia


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