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ADV7171KSUZ-REEL Datasheet PDF - Analog Devices

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ADV7171KSUZ-REEL Digital PAL/NTSC Video Encoder with 10-Bit SSAF™ and Advanced Power Management ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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ADV7171KSUZ-REEL Datasheet PDF : ADV7171KSUZ-REEL pdf   
ADV7170 image

The ADV7170/ADV7171 are integrated digital video encoders that convert digital CCIR-601 4:2:2 8- or 16-bit component video data into a standard analog baseband television signal compatible with worldwide standards.

ITU-R1 BT601/656 YCrCb to PAL/NTSC video encoder
High quality 10-bit video DACs
SSAF (super sub-alias filter)
Advanced power management features
CGMS (copy generation management system)
WSS (wide screen signalling)
Simultaneous Y, U, V, C output format
Single 27 MHz clock required (×2 oversampling)
80 dB video SNR
32-bit direct digital synthesizer for color subcarrier
Multistandard video output support
  Composite (CVBS)
  Components S-Video (Y/C), YUV, and RGB
  EuroSCART output (RGB + CVBS/LUMA)
  Component YUV + CHROMA
Video input data port supports
  CCIR-656 4:2:2 8-bit parallel input format
  4:2:2 16-bit parallel input format
Programmable simultaneous composite and S-Video or RGB (SCART)/YUV video outputs
Programmable luma filters (low-pass [PAL/NTSC]) notch, extended ( SSAF, CIF, and QCIF)
Programmable chroma filters (low-pass [0.65 MHz, 1.0 MHz, 1.2 MHz and 2.0 MHz], CIF and QCIF)
Programmable VBI (vertical blanking interval)
Programmable subcarrier frequency and phase
Programmable LUMA delay
Individual on/off control of each DAC
CCIR and square pixel operation
Integrated subcarrier locking to external video source
Color signal control/burst signal control
Interlaced/noninterlaced operation
Complete on-chip video timing generator
Programmable multimode master/slave operation
Macrovision® AntiTaping Rev. 7.1 (ADV7170 only)3
Closed captioning support
Teletext insertion port (PAL-WST)
On-board color bar generation
On-board voltage reference
2-wire serial MPU interface (I2C®-compatible and Fast I2C)
Single supply 5 V or 3.3 V operation
Small 44-lead MQFP/TQFP packages
Industrial temperature grade = −40°C to +85°C4

High performance DVD playback systems, portable video equipment including digital still cameras and laptop PCs, video games, PC video/multimedia and digital satellite/cable systems (set-top boxes/IRD)1

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