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The ADV601LC is an ultralow cost, single chip, dedicated function, all digital CMOS VLSI device capable of supporting visually loss-less to 350:1 real-time compression and decompression of CCIR-601 digital video at very high image quality levels. The chip integrates glueless video and host interfaces with on-chip SRAM to permit low part count, system level implementations suitable for a broad range of applications. The ADV601LC is 100% bitstream compatible with the ADV601.
The ADV601LC is a video encoder/decoder optimized for realtime compression and decompression of interlaced digital video. All features of the ADV601LC are designed to yield high performance at a breakthrough systems-level cost. Additionally, the unique sub-band coding architecture of the ADV601LC offers you many application-specific advantages. A review of the General Theory of Operation and Applying the ADV601LC sections will help you get the most use out of the ADV601LC in any given application.

  100% Bitstream Compatible with the ADV601
  Precise Compressed Bit Rate Control
  Field Independent Compression
  8-Bit Video Interface Supports CCIR-656 and Multi plexed Philips Formats
  General Purpose 16- or 32-Bit Host Interface with 512 Deep 32-Bit FIFO

  Real-Time Compression or Decompression of CCIR-601 to Video:
     720 3 288 @ 50 Fields/Sec — PAL
     720 3 243 @ 60 Fields/Sec — NTSC
  Compression Ratios from Visually Loss-Less to 350:1
  Visually Loss-Less Compression At 4:1 on Natural Images (Typical)

  PC Video Editing
  Remote CCTV Surveillance
  Digital Camcorders
  Digital Video Tape
  Wireless Video Systems
  TV Instant Replay

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