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Part NumberADP-I2C-USB-Z ADI
Analog Devices ADI
DescriptionDigital Power Factor Correction Controller with Accurate AC Power Metering
ADP-I2C-USB-Z Datasheet PDF : ADP-I2C-USB-Z pdf   
ADP1047 image

The ADP1047/ADP1048 are digital power factor correction (PFC) controllers that provide accurate input power metering capability and inrush current control for ac/dc systems. The ADP1047 is designed for single phase PFC applications; the ADP1048 is designed especially for interleaved and bridgeless PFC applications.
The digital PFC function is based on a conventional boost PFC with multiplication of the output voltage feedback combined with the input current and voltage to provide optimum harmonic correction and power factor for ac/dc systems. All signals are converted into the digital domain to provide maximum flexibility; all key parameters can be reported and adjusted via the PMBus™ interface. The ADP1047/ADP1048 allow users to optimize system performance, maximize efficiency across the load range, and reduce design time to market.
The ADP1047/ADP1048 provide accurate rms measurement of input voltage, current, and power. This information can be reported to the microcontroller of the power supply via the PMBus interface.

   Flexible digital power factor correction (PFC) controller
   Single phase operation (ADP1047); interleaved and
      bridgeless operation (ADP1048)
   True rms ac power metering
   Enhanced dynamic response
   Optimized light load efficiency performance
      Output voltage adjustment
      Frequency reduction
   Inrush current control
   Switching frequency spread spectrum for improved EMI
   External frequency synchronization
   PMBus compliant
      Programmable ac line fault detection and protection
      Programmable output fault detection and protection
   Extensive fault protection for high reliability systems
   Frequency range from 30 kHz to 400 kHz
   8 kB EEPROM
   Programming via easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)

   AC/DC power supplies for applications
      Computing server and storage
      Network and communication infrastructure
      Industrial and medical

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