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Part NumberADP-I2C-USB-Z ADI
Analog Devices ADI
DescriptionDigital Controller for Isolated Power Supply Applications
ADP-I2C-USB-Z Datasheet PDF : ADP-I2C-USB-Z pdf   

Image Info : [ADI] ADP1046

The ADP1046 is a flexible, digital secondary side controller designed for ac-to-dc and isolated dc-to-dc secondary side applications. The ADP1046 is pin-compatible with the ADP1043A and offers several enhancements and new features, including voltage feedforward, improved loop response, and programmable dead time control to maximize efficiency.
The ADP1046 is optimized for minimal component count, maximum flexibility, and minimum design time. Features include local and remote voltage sense, primary and secondary side current sense, digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) generation, current sharing, and redundant OrFET control. The control loop digital filter and compensation terms are integrated and can be programmed over the I2C interface. Programmable protection features include overcurrent protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP), undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and overtemperature protection (OTP).
The built-in EEPROM provides extensive programming of the integrated loop filter, PWM signal timing, inrush current, and soft start timing and sequencing. Reliability is improved through a built-in checksum and programmable protection circuits.
A comprehensive GUI is provided for easy design of loop filter characteristics and programming of the safety features. The industry-standard I2C bus provides access to the many monitoring and system test functions.
The ADP1046 is available in a 32-lead LFCSP and operates from a single 3.3 V supply.

   Integrates all typical PWM controller functions
      7 PWM control signals
      Digital control loop
      Integrated programmable loop filters
      Programmable voltage line feedforward
      Dedicated soft start filter
      Programmable dead time for improved efficiency
      Remote and local voltage sense
      Primary and secondary side current sense
      Synchronous rectifier control
      Current sharing
      OrFET control
   I2C interface
   Extensive fault detection and protection
   Extensive programming and telemetry
   Fast digital calibration
   User accessible EEPROM
   AC-to-DC power supplies
   Isolated dc-to-dc power supplies
   Redundant power supply systems
   Server, storage, network, and communications infrastructure

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