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ADM485ANZ 5 V Low Power EIA RS-485 Transceiver ADI
Analog Devices ADI
ADM485ANZ Datasheet PDF : ADM485ANZ pdf   
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The ADM485 is a differential line transceiver suitable for high speed bidirectional data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines. It is designed for balanced data transmission and complies with EIA standards RS-485 and RS-422. The part contains a differential line driver and a differential line receiver. Both the driver and the receiver can be enabled independently. When disabled, the outputs are three-stated.
The ADM485 operates from a single 5 V power supply. Excessive power dissipation caused by bus contention or by output shorting is prevented by a thermal shutdown circuit. If during fault conditions, a significant temperature increase is detected in the internal driver circuitry, this feature forces the driver output into a high impedance state.
Up to 32 transceivers can be connected simultaneously on a bus, but only one driver should be enabled at any time. It is important, therefore, that the remaining disabled drivers do not load the bus. To ensure this, the ADM485 driver features high output impedance when disabled and when powered down, which minimizes the loading effect when the transceiver is not being used. The high impedance driver output is maintained over the common-mode voltage range of −7 V to +12 V.
The receiver contains a fail-safe feature that results in a logic high output state if the inputs are unconnected (floating). The ADM485 is fabricated on BiCMOS, an advanced mixed technology process combining low power CMOS with fast switching bipolar technology. All inputs and outputs contain protection against ESD; all driver outputs feature high source and sink current capability. An epitaxial layer is used to guard against latch-up.
The ADM485 features extremely fast switching speeds. Minimal driver propagation delays permit transmission at data rates up to 5 Mbps while low skew minimizes EMI interference. The part is fully specified over the commercial and industrial temperature range and is available in 8-lead PDIP, 8-lead SOIC, and small footprint, 8-lead MSOP packages.

  Meets EIA RS-485 standard
  5 Mbps data rate
  Single 5 V supply
  –7 V to +12 V bus common-mode range
  High speed, low power BiCMOS
  Thermal shutdown protection
  Short-circuit protection
  Driver propagation delay: 10 ns typical
  Receiver propagation delay: 15 ns typical
  High-Z outputs with power off
  Superior upgrade for LTC485

  Low power RS-485 systems
  DTE/DCE interface
  Packet switching
  Local area networks (LNAs)
  Data concentration
  Data multiplexers
  Integrated services digital network (ISDN)

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