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ADM1166ASUZ Super Sequencer with Margining Control and Nonvolatile Fault Recording ADI
Analog Devices ADI
ADM1166ASUZ Datasheet PDF : ADM1166ASUZ pdf   
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The ADM1166 Super Sequencer® is a configurable supervisory/sequencing device that offers a single-chip solution for supply monitoring and sequencing in multiple-supply systems. In addition to these functions, the ADM1166 integrates a 12-bit ADC and six 8-bit voltage output DACs. These circuits can be used to implement a closed-loop margining system that enables supply adjustment by altering either the feedback node or reference of a dc-to-dc converter using the DAC outputs.

  Complete supervisory and sequencing solution for up to 10 supplies
  16 event deep black box nonvolatile fault recording
  10 supply fault detectors enable supervision of supplies to
     <0.5% accuracy at all voltages at 25°C
     <1.0% accuracy across all voltages and temperatures
  5 selectable input attenuators allow supervision of supplies to
     14.4 V on VH
     6 V on VP1 to VP4 (VPx)
  5 dual-function inputs, VX1 to VX5 (VXx)
     High impedance input to supply fault detector with thresholds between 0.573 V and 1.375 V
     General-purpose logic input
  10 programmable driver outputs, PDO1 to PDO10 (PDOx)
     Open-collector with external pull-up
     Push/pull output, driven to VDDCAP or VPx
     Open collector with weak pull-up to VDDCAP or VPx
     Internally charge-pumped high drive for use with external N-FET (PDO1 to PDO6 only)
  Sequencing engine (SE) implements state machine control of
     PDO outputs
     State changes conditional on input events
     Enables complex control of boards
     Power-up and power-down sequence control
     Fault event handling
     Interrupt generation on warnings
     Watchdog function can be integrated in SE
     Program software control of sequencing through SMBus
  Complete voltage-margining solution for 6 voltage rails
  6 voltage output 8-bit DACs (0.300 V to 1.551 V) allow voltage adjustment via dc-to-dc converter trim/feedback node
  12-bit ADC for readback of all supervised voltages
  2 auxiliary (single-ended) ADC inputs
  Reference input (REFIN) has 2 input options
     Driven directly from 2.048 V (±0.25%) REFOUT pin
     More accurate external reference for improved ADC performance
  Device powered by the highest of VPx, VH for improved redundancy
  User EEPROM: 256 bytes
  Industry-standard 2-wire bus interface (SMBus)
  Guaranteed PDO low with VH, VPx = 1.2 V
  Available in 40-lead, 6 mm × 6 mm LFCSP and 48-lead, 7 mm × 7 mm TQFP packages
  For more information about the ADM1166 register map, refer to the AN-698 Application Note

  Central office systems
  Multivoltage system line cards
  DSP/FPGA supply sequencing
  In-circuit testing of margined supplies


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