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Part NumberAD2S80A ADI
Analog Devices ADI
DescriptionVariable Resolution, Monolithic Resolver-to-Digital Converter
AD2S80A Datasheet PDF : AD2S80A pdf   
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The AD2S80A is a monolithic 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit tracking resolver-to-digital converter contained in a 40-lead DIP or 44-terminal LCC ceramic package. It is manufactured on a BiMOS II process that combines the advantages of CMOS logic and bipolar high accuracy linear circuits on the same chip.
The converter allows users to select their own resolution and dynamic performance with external components. This allows the users great flexibility in defining the converter that best suits their system requirements. The converter allows users to select the resolution to be 10, 12, 14, or 16 bits and to track resolver signals rotating at up to 1040 revs per second (62,400 rpm) when set to 10-bit resolution.
The AD2S80A converts resolver format input signals into a parallel natural binary digital word using a ratiometric tracking conversion method. This ensures high-noise immunity and tolerance of lead length when the converter is remote from the resolver.

  Monolithic (BiMOS ll) Tracking R/D Converter
  40-Lead DIP Package
  44-Terminal LCC Package
  10-,12-,14-, and 16-Bit Resolution Set by User
  Ratiometric Conversion
  Low Power Consumption: 300 mW Typ
  Dynamic Performance Set by User
  High Max Tracking Rate 1040 RPS (10 Bits)
  Velocity Output
  Industrial Temperature Range Versions
  Military Temperature Range Versions
  ESD Class 2 Protection (2,000 V Min)
  /883 B Parts Available

  DC Brushless and AC Motor Control
  Process Control
  Numerical Control of Machine Tools
  Axis Control
  Military Servo Control


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