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Part NumberAD261BND-1 ADI
Analog Devices ADI
DescriptionHigh Speed, Logic Isolator
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AD261BND-1 Datasheet PDF : AD261BND-1 pdf   
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The AD261 is designed to isolate five digital control signals to/from a microcontroller and its related field I/O components. Six models allow all I/O combinations from five input lines to five output lines, including combinations in between. Every AD261 effectively replaces up to five opto-isolators.
Each line of the AD261 has a bandwidth of 20 MHz (min) with a propagation delay of only 14 ns, which allows for extremely fast data transmission. Output waveform symmetry is maintained to within ±1 ns of the input so the AD261 can be used to accurately isolate time-based PWM signals.
All field or system output pins of the AD261 can be set to a high resistance three-state level by use of the two enable pins. A field output three-stated offers a convenient method of presetting logic levels at power-up by use of pull-up/down resistors. System side outputs being three-stated allows for easy multiplexing of multiple AD261s.

   Isolation Test Voltage: To 3.5 kV rms
   Five Isolated Logic Lines: Available in Six I/O Configurations
   Logic Signal Bandwidth: 20 MHz (min)
   CMV Transient Immunity: 10 kV/ms min
   Waveform Edge Transmission Symmetry: 61 ns
   Field and System Output Enable/Three-State Functions
   Performance Rated Over –258C to +858C
   UL1950, IEC950, EN60950 Certification (VDE, CE, Pending)
   PLC/DCS Analog Input and Output Cards
   Communications Bus Isolation
   General Data Acquisition Applications
   IGBT Motor Drive Controls
   High Speed Digital I/O Ports

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