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AD9225 Datasheet PDF - Analog Devices

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AD9225 Complete 12-Bit, 25 MSPS Monolithic A/D Converter AD
Analog Devices AD
Other PDF  1998  
AD9225 Datasheet PDF : AD9225 pdf   
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The AD9225 is a monolithic, single-supply, 12-bit, 25 MSPS analog-to-digital converter with an on-chip, high performance sample-and-hold amplifier and voltage reference. The AD9225 uses a multistage differential pipelined architecture with output error correction logic to provide 12-bit accuracy at 25 MSPS data rates, and guarantees no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.
    Monolithic 12-Bit, 25 MSPS ADC
    Low Power Dissipation: 280 mW
    Single 5 V Supply
    No Missing Codes Guaranteed
    Differential Nonlinearity Error: ±0.4 LSB
    Complete On-Chip Sample-and-Hold Amplifier and
        Voltage Reference
    Signal-to-Noise and Distortion Ratio: 71 dB
    Spurious-Free Dynamic Range: –85 dB
    Out-of-Range Indicator
    Straight Binary Output Data
    28-Lead SOIC
    28-Lead SSOP
    Compatible with 3 V Logic

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