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Part Name(s) : XE0020 XE0020C Xecom

The XE0020 and XE0020C are complete compact TELEPHONE INTERFACE modules. As WITH all Xecom DAAs the XE0020 and XE0020C include Ring Detection, Switch-Hook, and Loop Current Holding Circuits. In addition both the XE0020 and XE0020C include two LINE monitors to insure unobtrusive customer premises operation. The XE0020C also passes the Caller ID signal through to the system host.
Xecom designed the XE0020 and XE0020C for unobtrusive operation in residential applications. Two integral LINE monitors prevent interference WITH the residents calls.

* Small Size: 2.0" by 0.5" by 0.4" thick;
* Supports data transfer at 33,600 bps;
* FCC Part 68 Compliant;
* Ring Detection;
* Continuous Connect Detect Monitor;
* Handset Interrupt Monitor
* Single +5 Volt Power Supply;
* Hookswitch Control
* Caller ID Signal Path (XE0020C)


Part Name(s) : TCA3388 TCA3388DP TCA3388FP Motorola
Motorola => Freescale


The TCA3388 is a TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE circuit which performs the basic functions of a TELEPHONE set in combination WITH a microcontroller and a ringer. It includes dc and ac LINE termination, the hybrid function WITH 2 adjustable sidetone networks, handset connections and an efficient supply point.

LINE Driver and Supply
• DC and AC Termination of the TELEPHONE LINE
• Selectable DC Mask: France, U.K., Low Voltage
• Current Protection
• Adjustable Set Impedance for Resistive and Complex Termination
• Efficient Supply Point for Peripherals
• Hook Status Detection

Handset Operation
• Transmit and Receive Amplifiers
• Double Anti–Sidetone Network
• Microphone and Earpiece Mute
• Transmit Amplifier Soft Clipping

Dialing and Ringing
• Interrupter Driver for Pulse–Dialing
• Reduced Current Consumption During Pulse–Dialing
• DTMF Interfacing
• Ringing via External Ringer

Application Areas
• Corded Telephony
• Cordless Telephony Base Station
• Answering Machines
• Fax
• Intercom
• Modem

Part Name(s) : MC33215 MC33215FB MC33215B Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE and Speakerphone Circuit View

The MC33215 is developed for use in fully electronic TELEPHONE sets WITH speakerphone functions. The circuit performs the ac and dc LINE termination, 2–4 wire conversion, LINE length AGC and DTMF transmission. The speakerphone part includes a half duplex controller WITH signal and noise MONITORING, base microphone and loudspeaker amplifiers and an efficient supply. The circuit is designed to operate at low LINE currents down to 4.0 mA enabling parallel operation WITH a classical TELEPHONE set.

• Highly Integrated Cost Effective Solution
• Straightforward AC and DC Parameter Adjustments
• Efficient Supply for Loudspeaker Amplifier and Peripherals
• Stabilized Supply Point for Handset Microphone
• Stabilized Supply Point for Base Microphone
• Loudspeaker Amplifier can be Powered and Used Separately
• Smooth Switch–Over from Handset to Speakerphone Operation
• Adjustable Switching Depth for Handsfree Operation

Part Name(s) : XE0204 Xecom
Description : 2-wire/4-wire TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE. View

The XE0204 provides a common TELEPHONE INTERFACE for networks integrating two and four-wire TELEPHONE connections. The XE0204 supplies two and four wire leased LINE connections, and complies WITH FCC Part 68 Rules for 2-wire connections to the public switched network.

* Small Size 0 1.5” x 1.08” 0.42”
* FCC Part 68 Compliant
* Integral Ring Detection
* Integrated Switch Hook
* Switchable between two-wire and four-wire LINEs
* Integral two-to-four wire convertor
* Integrated TELEPHONE LINE transformers
* 1500 volt isolation barrier between the TELEPHONE LINE and host equipment
* Supports both dial-up and leased LINE applications
* Supports 14,400 BPS data transfer; V.32bis (2-wire),V.33 (4-wire)
* Operates on a single +5 Volt supply
* Standard Operating Temperature Range 0℃ to 70℃ Optional operating range, -40℃ to 85℃ available

Part Name(s) : XE0017 Xecom
Description : Low-Profile, V.34 Compatible TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE View

The XE0017 is fully-integrated, low-profile, high performance TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE module. It complies WITH FCC Part 68 requirements for direct connection to the public switched TELEPHONE network.

* Small Size: 0.95 inches by 0.925 inches by 0.260 inches
* FCC Part 68 Compliant
* V.34 compatible
* Compatible WITH Rockwells Socket Modems
* 2 to 4 Wire Converter
* Ring Detection
* Single +5V Operation
* Hookswitch Control
* UL and CSA Recognized
* Extended Temperature Range Parts available

Part Name(s) : UBA1706 UBA1706TS Philips
Philips Electronics
Description : Cordless TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE View

The UBA1706 is a BiCMOS integrated circuit intended for use in mains-powered telecom terminals. It performs all speech and LINE INTERFACE functions, DC mask for voltage or current regulation and electronic hook switch control. The device also includes general purpose switches.

• Low DC LINE voltage; operates down to 1.2 V (excluding polarity guard)
• Voltage regulator WITH adjustable DC voltage
• DC mask for voltage or current regulation (CTR21)
LINE current limitation for protection
• Electronic hook switch control input
• Transmit amplifier WITH:
    – Symmetrical inputs
    – Fixed gain
    – Large signal handling capability.
• Receive amplifier WITH fixed gain
• Transmit and receive amplifiers Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for LINE loss compensation.

• Cordless base stations
• Mains or battery-powered TELEPHONE sets.

Part Name(s) : PBL38582 PBL38582/1NS PBL38582/1SOS PBL38582/1SOT PBL38582/2SOS PBL38582/2SOT PBL385821NS PBL385821SOS PBL385821SOT PBL385822SOS PBL385822SOT Ericsson
Description : TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE circuit for DECT, DAM, CT Unisolated or Isolated View

PBL 38582 is a monolithic bipolar integrated circuit for use as TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE in unisolated or isolated DECT and other cordless TELEPHONE residential base stations and in analog / digital answering machines or as second LINE in an unisolated DECT TELEPHONE base station.

Key Features
• Minimum number of inexpensive external components, 5 capacitors and 4 resistors.
• Current range
    5 - 130 mA(DIL),
    5 - 100 mA(20-pin SO)
    5 - 70 mA(16-pin SO) 385 82/2
• Operation voltage range down to 2 V.
• Short start-up time.

Part Name(s) : XE0080 Xecom
Description : Surface Mount V.34 TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE View

Xecoms XE0080 is a miniature, surface-mount TELEPHONE INTERFACE module for high-volume applications. The XE0080 meets FCC Part 68 rules for direct connection to the public TELEPHONE network, supports V.34 data transfer, and adapts to automated pick and place equipment.

* Miniature Size: 0.8" long, 0.8" wide, and 0.2" thin (maximum);
* 9-pin Surface mountable package;
* Supports V.34 data transfer to 28,800 bps;
* FCC Part 68 Compliant;
* Low Total Harmonic Distortion -80 dB max.;
* Ring Detection;
* 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt Operation
* Hookswitch Control

Part Name(s) : XE0071 XE0071L XE0071T Xecom
Description : Very-Low Profile V.34 Compatible TELEPHONE LINE INTERFACE View

Xecoms XE0071, Slim-Link DAA, is a miniature, high performance TELEPHONE INTERFACE module for applications WITH extreme space restrictions. The XE0071 meets FCC Part 68 rules for direct connection to the public TELEPHONE network and supports V.34 data transfer.

* Miniature Size: 0.75" long 0.75" wide 0.159" thin (maximum);
* V.34 compatible for data transfer at 33,600 bps;
* FCC Part 68 Compliant;
* Low Total Harmonic Distortion;
* Ring Detection;
* 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt Operation
* Integral Hookswitch
* 2 Available Pin Styles
    XE0071L - Pins extend laterally for mounting WITHin PCB cutout
    XE0071T - Through-Hole Pins


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