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Description : Standby Compatible Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module with High-speed IGBT

Development of the MR2000 Series
Energy conservation guidelines from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry require a reduction in the standby Power consumption of various types of electrical products as a means of reducing environmental CO2 levels. There are strong demands for reduced Power consumption in common devices such as TVs and set top boxes (STB) which remain on standby for long periods of time, and efficient operation under micro-loads is required. Furthermore, demands for integration of the various protective functions, higher functionality, and lower price are increasing to the extent that it is now difficult to satisfy such demands with existing products.

Primary Features
1. Current consumption is reduced with use of the burst mode, promoting standby compatibility with a single converter.
2. The optimized switching device provides ideal Partial Resonance operation for high efficiency and low noise.
3. The 900V resistant switching device (high-speed IGBT) simplifies design of Power supplies for worldwide input.
4. Power consumption under micro-load is extremely low (burst mode).
5. Use of a drain kick circuit eliminates the need for a start-up resistor.
6. The use of a soft drive circuit reduces noise.
7. Incorporates an over-current protection function (primary current detect, Ton limit).
8. Incorporates over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown functions.
9. A Power Supply circuit may be configured with the minimum of external components.
10. The use of the fully molded package is beneficial for insulation design.

Description : IC module for Partial Resonance Power Supply

Partial Resonance
   Realization of high efficiency and low noise by Partial Resonance operation
■ 900V high-voltage high-speed IGBT is used (MR40XX series)
   100V, 200V, W / W input can support high Power Supply.
■ Stand-by response (default mode)
   It has a boot mode switching function which is effective for standby reduction
■ Built-in start-up circuit eliminates start-up resistors
   After start-up, the start-up circuit is cut off,
      and the loss in the start-up circuit is reduced
■ The soft-drive circuit realizes low noise.
■ Various protection functions
   Overcurrent protection is self-resetting
   Overvoltage protection, overheat protection, latch stop

Main use
   DVD-Rec, PDP, LCD, Digital-STB, LBP, etc.

Description : (MR1xxx) IC module for Partial Resonance Power

MR1722 Datasheet Information

1. To achieve high efficiency and low noise by Partial resonant operation

2. Can be reduce Power consumption during the minute load by the burst mode

3. no need to start resistance by the activation circuit built-in Unnecessary detection resistor

4. The primary current detected by using the on-resistance of the MOSFET

5. To achieve low noise by soft drive circuit

* overcurrent protection function (on-width limit, the primary current limit), overvoltage protection,
equipped with overheat protection function

* miniaturization is realized by the adoption of the new package (FTO-220 equivalent in a 5-pin)

* Achieve small part of the reduction of external components

Part Name(s) : MB3873 MB3873PF
Description : Multi-Resonance AC/DC Converter IC

The MB3873 is a pulse frequency modulation (PFM) type multi-Resonance AC/DC converter IC providing soft switching functions in a more compact, higher-efficiency, low-noise package.
Since this product allows reduced number of the components and reduced size of the transformer, it is also compatible with the miniaturization of AC adaptor.
The product retains the multi-Resonance for the non-load, over-load and load short-circuit over the wide range of input voltage, making it the appropriate IC for the small-sized AC adaptor.

• Operating Power Supply voltage : 10V to 28V
• Operating current : 2.5mA typ.
• Low standby current : 400µA typ.
• Control frequency range : 10kHz to 800kHz
• Operating temperature range : −30°C to +105°C
• Soft start circuit on-chip
• Overvoltage detection circuit on-chip
• Overload detection circuit on-chip
• Over temperature detection circuit on-chip
• Under voltage lockout protection circuit on-chip

Description : 32 Mbit (2Mb x16) 1.8V Asynchronous PSRAM


The M69AR048B is a 32 Mbit (33,554,432 bit) CMOS memory, organized as 2,097,152 words by 16 bits, and is supplied by a single 1.65V to 1.95V Supply voltage range.

M69AR048B is a member of STMicroelectronics 1T/1C (one transistor per cell) memory family. These devices are manufactured using dynamic random access memory cells, to minimize the cell size, and maximize the amount of memory that can be implemented in a given area.


Supply VOLTAGE: 1.65 to 1.95V

■ ACCESS TIMES: 70ns, 80ns, 85ns









– TA = –30 to +85°C

Partial Power-DOWN MODES

– Deep Power-Down

– 4 Mbit Partial Power-Down

– 8 Mbit Partial Power-Down

– 16 Mbit Partial Power-Down

Part Name(s) : FA5592
Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric
Description : PWM Power Supply IC with Low Standby Power

■ Features

• Internal 750V high voltage startup current source

• Auto-reducing switching frequency at light load

• Low EMI noise by frequency modulation

• MOSFET current detection is negative-polarity mode

• Numerous kind of protect functions (ex. Brown-out under-voltage protection)

■ Applications

• Note PC /Printer Adapter

• LCD TV/Monitor SMPS

■ Specifications

• Startup current source 7mA

• VCC voltage range 11 to 24V

• OUT pin peak current sink 1000mA, source -500mA

• IS current limiter 0.5V±10%,

• VCC over-voltage protection 26V±1V (latched)

• OLP timer auto-recovery switching on/off is 0.2/1.4 sec (OLP auto-recovery or latched)


Part Name(s) : AN7337 AN7337N AN733
Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Description : 7-Element Graphic Equalizer IC for Hi-Fi


The AN7337N is a graphic equalizer IC for high performance Hi-Fi developed for deck. It incorporates output buffer circuit and 7 Resonance buffer circuits, can set Resonance frequency by external capacitor.


• Low noise : Vno = 4µVrms typ.

• Low distortion : THD = 0.002% typ. (at VO = 1Vrms)

• High output Power : VO(max.) = 9.5Vrms typ. (at. THD =0.1%)

• Wide operating Supply voltage range : VCC (opr.) = ±4 ~±18V


iC-LQNP is a sensor for pulse and alternating light with a monolithically integrated photodiode. The device supersedes conventional photoreceivers, such as those in light barriers, for example.
Changes in the photocurrent are amplified whereas the photocurrents caused by background light are electronically suppressed with over 60 dB (at 100 Hz).

♦ Fast response amplifier with on-chip photodiode
♦ High interference immunity due to monolithic design
♦ Active photodiode area of ca. 1 mm²
♦ Suitable for visible light and near infrared
♦ Integrated band-pass filter with 140 kHz center frequency
♦ Maximum gain obtained for pulse light of 1.4 µs and upwards
♦ High LF and DC (ambient) light suppression
♦ Transfer characteristics irrespective of ambient light level
♦ Soft signal and noise limiter with excess ambient light
♦ Fast recovery from flashes
♦ Complementary analogue current source outputs,
   transimpedance can be set by external resistor
♦ Single 5 to 12 V Supply, low Power consumption also with
   bright ambient light
♦ Options: customised COB versions

♦ Receiver for through beam and
   reflection light barriers with
   background suppression
   (sunlight) e.g. for presence
   detection in Power operated
   gates, doors and windows etc.

IC-Haus GmbH
IC-Haus GmbH
Description : M-TYPE CW LASER DIODE DRIVER (Rev - 2006)

♦ Optimised for M-type laser diodes
   (single Supply, case grounded)
♦ CW operation up to 350 mA from a single Supply of 3.6 to 15 V
♦ Rapid soft start after Power-on
♦ Simple Power adjustment via an external resistor
♦ Integrated reverse polarity protection for the iC and laser diode
♦ Strong suppression of transients with small external
   capacitors; integrated flyback path
♦ Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and
   overcurrent (i.e. if the laser diode is damaged or the feedback
   current path fails)
♦ Two feedback inputs permit all current laser diode types to be
   used (M/P/N configurations)
♦ Modulation via the feedback inputs possible
♦ Wide monitor current range from 2.5 µA to 6.25 mA

♦ Blue laser diodes
♦ Laser diode Modules
♦ Laser diode pointers
♦ Laser levels
♦ Bar-code readers

IC-Haus GmbH
IC-Haus GmbH
Description : 15 V CW LASER DIODE DRIVER (Rev - 2004)

♦ CW operation up to 300 mA from 2.4 to 15 V Supply voltage
♦ Rapid soft start after Power-on typical within 70 µs
♦ Optimised for N-type laser diodes
♦ Simple output Power adjustment via an external resistor (APC)
Power control loop accuracy better than 1.5 % with changes in
   temperature, Supply voltage and load current
♦ Integrated reverse polarity protection for the iC and laser diode
♦ Strong suppression of transients with very small external
   capacitors; integrated flyback path
♦ Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and
   overcurrent (i.e. if the laser diode is damaged or the feedback
   current path fails)
♦ Two feedback inputs permit all current LD types to be used
   (N/P/M configurations)
♦ Modulation via the feedback inputs is possible
♦ Wide monitor current range from 2.5 µA to 6.25 mA
♦ Pin compatible to iC-WK and iC-WKL (SO8 package)

♦ Blue laser diodes
♦ LD Modules

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