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Part Name(s) : MR4000 MR4500 MR4510 MR4520 MR4530 MR4710 MR4720 MR4010 MR4020 MR4030 MR4040 Shindengen
Description : IC module for PARTIAL RESONANCE POWER SUPPLY View

   Realization of high effICiency and low noise by PARTIAL RESONANCE operation
■ 900V high-voltage high-speed IGBT is used (MR40XX series)
   100V, 200V, W / W input can support high POWER SUPPLY.
■ Stand-by response (default mode)
   It has a boot mode switching function whICh is effective for standby reduction
■ Built-in start-up circuit eliminates start-up resistors
   After start-up, the start-up circuit is cut off,
      and the loss in the start-up circuit is reduced
■ The soft-drive circuit realizes low noise.
■ Various protection functions
   Overcurrent protection is self-resetting
   Overvoltage protection, overheat protection, latch stop

Main use
   DVD-Rec, PDP, LCD, Digital-STB, LBP, etc.

Part Name(s) : MR1501 MR1511 MR1521 MR1531 MR1712 MR1722 Shindengen
Description : (MR1xxx) IC module for PARTIAL RESONANCE POWER View

MR1722 Datasheet Information

1. To achieve high effICiency and low noise by PARTIAL resonant operation

2. Can be reduce POWER consumption during the minute load by the burst mode

3. no need to start resistance by the activation circuit built-in Unnecessary detection resistor

4. The primary current detected by using the on-resistance of the MOSFET

5. To achieve low noise by soft drive circuit

* overcurrent protection function (on-width limit, the primary current limit), overvoltage protection,
equipped with overheat protection function

* miniaturization is realized by the adoption of the new package (FTO-220 equivalent in a 5-pin)

* Achieve small part of the reduction of external components

Part Name(s) : AN8038 AN8038S Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : AC-DC switching POWER SUPPLY control IC with RCC local RESONANCE circuit for improved conformance with energy conservation laws View

The AN8038 and AN8038S are self-excited AC-DC switching POWER SUPPLY control IC that adopt RCC local RESONANCE control. These ICs are designed to achieve high effICiency over a wide range of loads (light loads at the standby mode to heavy loads) for improved conformance with energy conservation laws, and support input levels used worldwide. They are partICularly appropriate for use in AV and OA equipments.

• Supports improved conformance with energy conservation laws by providing two operating modes. With external resistors, it is possible to set the operating point at whICh the modes change over according to the load POWER, as shown below.
    1.Continuous (RCC) mode
        High effICiency achieved with local RESONANCE operation (zero cross detection).
    2.Discontinuous mode (standby) mode
        Reduced switching loss and standby POWER due to reduced frequency
• Input voltage correction function. This function corrects the maximum on-period in a manner inversely proportional to the input voltage.
• Built-in overvoltage protection function (detects at VCC pin)
• Pulse-by-pulse overcurrent protection function (single detection per one cycle)
• Packages: 8-pin DIP ··· AN8038 8-pin SOP ··· AN8038S

• Facsimiles and other OA equipment
• Printers and other personal computer peripheral equipment
• AV equipment

Part Name(s) : MB3873 MB3873PF Fujitsu
Description : Multi-RESONANCE AC/DC Converter IC View

The MB3873 is a pulse frequency modulation (PFM) type multi-RESONANCE AC/DC converter IC providing soft switching functions in a more compact, higher-effICiency, low-noise package.
Since this product allows reduced number of the components and reduced size of the transformer, it is also compatible with the miniaturization of AC adaptor.
The product retains the multi-RESONANCE for the non-load, over-load and load short-circuit over the wide range of input voltage, making it the appropriate IC for the small-sized AC adaptor.

• Operating POWER SUPPLY voltage : 10V to 28V
• Operating current : 2.5mA typ.
• Low standby current : 400µA typ.
• Control frequency range : 10kHz to 800kHz
• Operating temperature range : −30°C to +105°C
• Soft start circuit on-chip
• Overvoltage detection circuit on-chip
• Overload detection circuit on-chip
• Over temperature detection circuit on-chip
• Under voltage lockout protection circuit on-chip

Part Name(s) : SSC9510 SSC9512 SSC9512S SANKEN
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : Controller IC for Current Resonant Type Switching POWER SUPPLY with Half-Bridge RESONANCE, High EffICiency and Low Noise View

■ General Descriptions
The SSC9510 series products are controller ICs, incorporating a floating drive circuit for half-bridge type RESONANCE. The product achieves high effICiency and low noise POWER SUPPLY systems by the ZVS and ZCS. The product is recommended for high-effICiency small and standardized POWER supplies because of easy circuit designs with few external components.

■ Features
● Soft-Switched Multi-Resonant Zero Current Switch (SMZ)
   The zero-current switching (ZSC) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of half-bridge type
   RESONANCE achieve the high effICiency and low noise systems.
● AutomatIC Dead Time Adjustment Function for Wide Resonant Conditions
● Burst-Oscillation Function
   The function enables the stable output control at no load to light load conditions
   and improves the effICiency.
● Soft-Start Function
● Brown-In / Brown-Out Function
   The function enables the oscillation start /stop by externally rated input voltage and
   makes protections at low input voltage.
● External Latch Protection (ELP)
   The function enables the latch shutdown by external signal.
● Various Protections
   Overcurrent Protection (OCP)---------------------------------- Auto-Restart
   Three-step protections depending on overcurrent status
   Overload Protection (OLP) ------------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
   Overvoltage Protection (OVP) --------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
   External Latch Protection (ELP) ------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
   Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD) ------------------------- Latch Shutdown

■ ApplICations
Switching POWER Supplies for
   Digital Consumer Equipment; LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, etc.,
   OA Equipment; Severs, Multi-Function Printers, etc.,
   Industry Machines, CommunICation DevICes, Others

Part Name(s) : DRV2603 DRV2603RUNR DRV2603RUNT TI
Texas Instruments
Description : HaptIC Drive With Auto-RESONANCE Detection for Linear RESONANCE Actuators (LRA) View

The DRV2603 is a haptIC driver designed specifICally to solve common obstacles in driving both Linear RESONANCE Actuator (LRA) and EccentrIC Rotating Mass (ERM) haptIC elements. The DRV2603 is designed for low latency, high effICiency, and more drive strength for actuators commonly used for tactile feedback in the portable market.
LRA actuators typICally have a narrow frequency band over whICh they have an adequate haptIC response. This frequency window is typICally ±2.5 Hz wide or less, so driving an LRA actuator presents a challenge. The DRV2603 solves this problem by employing auto RESONANCE tracking, whICh automatICally detects and tracks the LRA resonant frequency in real time. This means that any input PWM frequency within the input range (10 kHz to 250 kHz) will automatICally produce the correct resonant output frequency. As an additional benefit, the DRV2603 implements an automatIC braking algorithm to prevent LRA ringing at the end of waveforms, leaving the user with a crisp haptIC sensation.
For both ERM and LRA actuators, the automatIC input level translation solves issues with low voltage PWM sources without adding additional external components, so if the digital I/O levels vary, the output voltage does not change. The DRV2603 also has SUPPLY correction that ensures no SUPPLY regulation is required for constant vibration strength, allowing an effICient, direct-battery connection.

• Flexible HaptIC/Vibra Driver
   – LRA (Linear RESONANCE Actuator)
   – ERM (EccentrIC Rotating Mass)
• Auto RESONANCE Tracking for LRA
   – No Frequency Calibration Required
   – AutomatIC Drive Commutation
   – AutomatIC Braking Algorithm
   – Wide Input PWM Frequency Range
• Constant Vibration Strength Over SUPPLY
• AutomatIC Input Level Translation
• 0% to 100% Duty Cycle Control Range
• Fast Start Up Time
• Differential Drive from Single-Ended Input
• Wide SUPPLY Voltage Range of 2.5 V to 5.2 V
• Immersion TouchSense® 3000 Compatible
• 1.8-V Compatible, 5-V Tolerant Digital Pins
• Available in a 2 mm × 2 mm × 0.75 mm Leadless
   QFN Package (RUN)

• Mobile Phones and Tablets
• Watches and Wearable Technology
• Remote Controls, MICe, and Peripheral DevICes
• ElectronIC Point of Sale (ePOS)
• Vibration Alerts and NotifICations
• Touch-Enabled DevICes
• Industrial Human-Machine Interfaces

Part Name(s) : TA1307P Toshiba
Description : Integrated Circuit For Standby POWER-SUPPLY Control View

Integrated Circuit For Standby POWER-SUPPLY Control

TA1307P is a switching POWER-SUPPLY IC used as a standby POWER-SUPPLY control such as small POWER-SUPPLY.
This IC, Slight POWER-SUPPLY can do that a MOSFET is controlled in intermittent, and this IC is optimum IC as objects for POWER-SUPPLY control, such as color TV, monitor, VCR, DVD, FAX, pri nter, etc.

Main CharacteristICs
Burst mode PWM pulse output
The over current protection circuits to POWER MOSFET for a drive are built in.
UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out), OVLO (Over Voltage Lock Out) with Latch, OVLO on/off function  OCL (Over Current Limmiter), Select SW for IC active/IC not active are built in.
The starting current until UVLO is canceled about 100 &mICro;A.
Wide range input voltage: (85 V to 264 V).

Part Name(s) : MA8910 MA8920 MA8920-4100 MA8930 ETC
Description : MA8000 Series / Low POWER consumption POWER SUPPLY IC module standby View

MA8000 series is contributing POWER SUPPLY IC module to the energy-saving measures in the standby mode. This product is the main and control circuit.

The integrated switches, you can configure the quasi-resonant converter RCC with few external components. POWER conventional design methods.

At I can achieve low POWER consumption during standby POWER of high effICiency and low noise.


Part Name(s) : STR-W6200D STR-W6251D STR-W6252D STR-W6253D SANKEN
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : POWER IC for PWM Type Switching POWER SUPPLY with Low Noise and Low Standby POWER View

■General Descriptions
The  STR-W6200D  series  products  are  POWER  ICs  for  switching  POWER  supplies, incorporating  a  POWER  MOSFET  and  a  current-mode  type  PWM  controller  IC.  The  low standby POWER is accomplished by the automatIC switching between the PWM operation in normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light load condition. The product achieves high cost-performance POWER SUPPLY systems with fewexternal components.

Current-Mode Type PWM Control
PWM with Jittering Function
  The function reduces the EMI noise and enables simplified (low-cost) EMI filters. 
  The jittering period is adjustable by an external capacitor.
Auto-Standby Function
  The burst-oscillation enables the low standby POWER
  Input POWER PIN< 100mW at no load
Built-in Startup Circuit, enabling low POWER consumption
Overcurrent Protection (OCP) with Built-in Input Compensation Circuit
  The function has less AC input voltage dependency.
Overload Protection (OLP) with Built-in Delay Timer( the delay time is adjustable by an external capacitor)
External Latch Protection (ELP)
   The function enables the latch shutdown by externalsignal.
Bias-Assist Function, reducing operating VCC voltage drop
  The function improves the startup operation and makes a low VCC capacitor applICable.
Leading Edge Blanking Function
Slope Compensation Function
Built-in Avalanche Energy Guaranteed High-Voltage POWER MOSFET
Various Protections
 Overcurrent Protection (OCP)---------------------------------- Pulse-by-Pulse
 Overload Protection (OLP) ------------------------------------- Auto-Restart
 Overvoltage Protection (OVP) --------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
 Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD) ------------------------- Latch Shutdown

Switching POWER Supplies for Home  Appliances  (White  Goods),  Digital  Consumer  Equipment,  OA  Equipment,  Industry  Machines, CommunICation DevICes, Others


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