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Part Name(s) : CXA2139S
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Sony CXA2139S DIP

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Part Name(s) : CXA1619BM CXA1619BS
Sony Semiconductor
Description : One-chip FM/AM radio IC / CXA1619BM, CXA1619BMBS

CXA1619BM/BS is a one-chip FM/AM radio IC designed for radio-cassette tape recorders and headphone tape recorders, and has the following functions.


CXA1619BM, CXA1619BS Pinout




Part Name(s) : CXD3503R
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Color Shading Correction IC for Liquid Crystal Projectors

The CXD3503R is a color shading correction IC for Sony data projectors. Used together with the Sony LCD driver CXA2111R or CXA2112R, this IC corrects color shading caused by the LCD panel structure or the optical system. This IC has a built-in SRAM and D/A converter, and 16 horizontal and 13 vertical correction points can be set via a serial interface.

• Generates the color shading correction signals for the high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panels used in Sony projectors
• Supports various SVGA, XGA and SXGA signals using 1/2 dot clock input
• Vertical output signal interpolation using an internal arithmetic circuit
• Automatic determination of eliminated lines during pulse eliminator display when used together with the Sony timing generator ICs CXD2464R or CXD3500R
• Supports up/down and/or right/left inversion
• Supports LCD panel display area switching conversion functions
• Standby and correction OFF functions

    Liquid crystal projectors, etc.

Part Name(s) : CXD9841 CXD9841P
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Switching Voltage Regulator

Part Name(s) : CXA8044Q
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Balanced Modulator and RF Envelope Detector

Part Name(s) : CXM3002
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Power LED Driver IC CXM3002 Dual/Triple Band Rx/Tx, Transceiver Module


Sony Semiconductor
Description : Digital Multi Effects Systems

Let’s say your facility needs a new DME — the editors in the post division are constantly remarking that the clients want new multi-channel effects, with cleaner pictures and more dazzle. Let’s say that the same facility’s production unit needs a new digital effects system for the weekly magazine now in production — some simple moves plus a few page turns will suffice. And the same facility’s remote unit could really use some sparkle — a certain sports director wants to fly each replay with trails.
Three different boxes? Three different control panels and user-interfaces? How about one, with the capability to handle all these requirements. Sony’s “DME” series of Digital Multi Effects devices provides the answer. Both the DME-3000 and DME-7000 deliver superb picture quality plus a wide variety of effects — with the advantage of one simple control panel, human interface, and operating style!

DME-3000/7000 Feature Overview
This chapter provides a comprehensive discussion of DME-3000 and DME-7000 features, taking a complete approach to both the functionality and the benefits of the system’s digital effects tools.
The following sections are included:
   ● The “Talent, Creativity, and Quality” section discusses the primary
      reasons why production personnel will choose the DME-series.
   ● The “DME Toolbox” section discusses large categories of DME
      features — both the basic features, and tools that operators value the
      most on the DME-3000 and DME-7000.
For an itemized approach to system features, refer to Appendix A, “Feature List.” This appendix provides tables and descriptions of many DME features.
Note that some features described in the following sections may apply only when the Sony DME-3000 and DME-7000 are used with Sony DVS-7000 Series, DVS-2000C, BVE-2000, and BVE-9100 systems.

Sony Semiconductor
Description : CXA2159S DIP 52P For Sony TV

Part Name(s) : US18650GR
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Sony US18650GR 2550mAh laptop cell

Sony US18650GR 3.79V (as received)  93mOhm

This Sony cell is a bit of a departure for me - IMR cells aside - as it is obviously a bare laptop cell, or possibly for power tool use, and has not been converted in any way for use in lights. So no protection circuit, no button, no aftermarket wrapping, and the stock wrap does not extend to the bottom of the cell. It is common for cells that are intended for use in packs to have an entirely bare base in order to make welding/soldering the cells together easier to do.

Description : CMOS Static RAM 1 Meg (256K x 4-Bit) Revolutionary Pinout

The IDT71128 is a 1,048,576-bit high-speed static RAM organized as 256K x 4. It is fabricated using IDT’s high-performance, high-reliability CMOS technology. This state-of-the-art technology, combined with innovative circuit design techniques, provides a cost-effective solution for high-speed memory needs. The JEDEC centerpower/GND Pinout reduces noise generation and improves system performance.

◆ 256K x 4 advanced high-speed CMOS static RAM
◆ JEDEC revolutionary Pinout (center power/GND) for reduced noise.
◆ Equal access and cycle times
   — Commercial and Industrial: 12/15/20ns
◆ One Chip Select plus one Output Enable pin
◆ Bidirectional inputs and outputs directly TTL-compatible
◆ Low power consumption via chip deselect
◆ Available in a 32-pin 400 mil Plastic SOJ.

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