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Part Name(s) : MP96X-2 MP97X-2 MP972-2 MP973-2 MP963-2 MP962-2 PerkinElmer
PerkinElmer Inc

The PHOTON COUNTING MODULE series MP96X-2 / MP97X-2 is specially designed FOR PARTICLE MEASUREMENT with 530 nm and 632 nm lasers. Based on the standard multialkali photocathode, the sensitive diameter is reduced to 2mm in order to achieve an excellent low dark count perFORmance. With an optional SMA adapter, also a fiber read out is possible.

• Specially selected FOR best perFORmance @ 530 nm / 632 nm
• Low dark counts
• Very high stability in noise level
• Exceptional low after pulses
• Extended red sensitivity
• No cooling required
• Active quenching circuit FOR high light protection
• Optical fiber read-out possible
• 5 volts operating voltage

Part Name(s) : MP1342 MP1343 MP1352 MP1353 MP1362 MP1363 MP1372 MP1373 MP1382 MP1383 MP1942 MP1943 MP1952 MP1953 MP1962 MP1963 MP1972 MP1973 MP1982 MP1983 MP953 MP963 MP972 MP973 MP982 PerkinElmer
PerkinElmer Inc
Description : MP Series PHOTON COUNTING MODULEs Ultra High Sensitivity Gateable PHOTON COUNTING MODULE View

The PHOTON COUNTING Head MP900 series is designed FOR applications in all fields of SINGLE PHOTON detection, e.g. chemoluminescence, bioluminescence, flourescence, in-vitro ssay,environmental
MEASUREMENTs or pure research. It is an easy to use MODULE, containing the Channel Photomultiplier, a high voltage power supply, a discrimination amplifier and a pulse shaper FOR fast
output pulses. An installed active quenching system avoids over illumination to the detector.
It is also possible to apply an external gate function FOR time correlated PHOTON COUNTING. Strong variations in light levels are possible due to the high dynamic range of the installed CPM. The
exceptional low noise and high sensitivity facilitates detection of extremely low light levels.

· High dynamic range
· No cooling required
· Very high stability in noise level
· Active quenching circuit FOR high light protection
· Gateable CPM input
· Optical fiber read-out possible
· 5 volts operating voltage
· Monitor voltage output

Part Name(s) : C3866 C6465 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics
Description : C3866, C6465 / PHOTON COUNTING UNITS View

PHOTON COUNTING units are designed to convert SINGLE photoelectron pulses from a photomultiplier tube into 5 V digital signals by use of the built-in amplifier and discriminator circuits. PHOTON COUNTING with a high S/N ratio can be perFORmed by simply connecting a counter to the output of the PHOTON COUNTING unit.

Part Name(s) : H7155 H7155-20 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics
Description : PHOTON COUNTING Head H7155 Series View

The H7155 series are compact PHOTON COUNTING head devices consisting of a metal package photomultiplier tube along with a high-speed PHOTON COUNTING circuit and a high-voltage power supply circuit. The high voltage supply FOR photomultiplier tube and the discriminator level are preset to optimum values, allowing PHOTON COUNTING MEASUREMENT by just connecting a +5 V supply. The H7155-20 has an internal prescaler of division by 4. This prescaler improves the count linearity 4-fold compared to the H7155.

Part Name(s) : H7360 H7360-01 H7360-02 H7360-03 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics
Description : Head-on PMT PHOTON COUNTING Head View

The H7360 series is a wide sensitive area PHOTON COUNTING head device containing a 25-mm (1") head-on photomultiplier tube, high-voltage power supply circuit and PHOTON COUNTING circuit. Since those circuits are designed FOR wide band, the H7360 series can operate at a high count rate. The high voltage supply FOR photomultiplier tube and the discriminator level are preset to optimum values so that PHOTON COUNTING can be perFORmed just by connecting a +5 V supply and a pulse counter.
The H7360-01 is of low noise, the H7360-02 has enhanced detection efficiency in the visible range, and the H7360-03 covers sensitivity from the visible to near infrared.
A mount flange (E6264) is provided as an option FOR easy installation to MEASUREMENT equipment.


Part Name(s) : C8855 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics

The C8855 is a COUNTING unit with a USB interface and can be used as a PHOTON counter when combined with a PHOTON COUNTING head, etc.
The counter of the C8855 has two counter circuits (double counter method) capable of COUNTING input signals with no dead time. The USB interface easily connects to a notebook PC allowing MEASUREMENT in an even wider application field. When used with a PHOTON COUNTING head, the C8855 supplies power (+5 V / 200 mA) necessary to operate the PHOTON COUNTING head. Since the C8855 is hot-swap compatible (plug and play compatible), it helps you set up MEASUREMENT environment quickly. You can start MEASUREMENT on the day the C8855 is delivered by using the sample software that supplied with the C8855.

● Compatible with USB interface (Ver. 1.1)
● Compatible with Windows® 98/98SE/2000/Me
● Sample software supplied as standard item
● Accurate MEASUREMENT with no dead time (double counter method)
● Supplies power to operate PHOTON COUNTING head (power supply capacity: +5 V / 200 mA)

Part Name(s) : H7421 H7421-40 H7421-50 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics
Description : PHOTON COUNTING Head View

Metal package PMT with Cooler

The H7421 series are PHOTON COUNTING head devices containing a metal package photomultiplier tube having a GaAsP/GaAs photocathode and a thermoelectric cooler. The thermoelectric cooler reduces thermal noise generated from the photocathode which also offers a high quantum efficiency, allowing MEASUREMENT to be made with a good S/N ratio even at very low light levels.

The H7421-40 has high sensitivity on wavelength from 300 nm to 720 nm.
The H7421-50 is sensitive over a wide spectral range from 380 nm to 890 nm.
The photomultiplier tube is maintained at a constant temperature by monitor
ing the output from a thermistor installed near the photomultiplier tube and regulating the current to the thermoelectric cooler.

Part Name(s) : C2741-32A C2741-35A Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics


The C2741-32A, -35A cameras are designed specifically FOR imaging at ultra-low light levels. Each camera consists
of an image intensifier including a 1 stage MCP and CCD camera coupled with a relay lens.
SINGLE PHOTON COUNTING is possible due to superior per FORmance as compared to conventional ICCD Cameras,
FOR example:

1. Higher gain ................ about 10 times higher
2. Lower dark noise ....... about 1/10 lower : using bialkali photocathode

•High spatial resolution
  (Typical horizontal center resolution)
  450 TV lines (C2741-32A)
  370 TV lines (C2741-35A)
•Low geometric distortion
  Max 2% within inscribed circle
•High sensitivity
•Wide effective scanning area
  approx. 19.0 mm (H)×14.2 mm (V) (C2741-32A)
  approx. 12.7 mm (H)×9.5 mm (V) (C2741-35A)

The cameras can be used FOR luminescence and fluores cence applications in a macroscopic or microscopic imaging system set up.
• Gene expression experiments
• Colony screening
• Detection of gels and blots
• Enzyme lmmunoassay
• Phagocytosis
• DNA hybridization

Part Name(s) : R3234-01 R3234-1 R3235-01 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics

High–speed PHOTON COUNTING and Fluorescence MEASUREMENT
51mm(2 Inch) Diameter, 12–stage, Head–on Type
R3234–01:Borosilicate Window (300 to 650nm)
R3235–01:Synthetic Silica Window (160 to 650nm)


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