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Part Name(s) : CMA3 CMA3-SDC12V CMA3-SDC24V CMA3-SDC6V ETC
Description : kinds of single RELAYS , power RELAYS , automotive RELAYS ...lays , pc-board RELAYS , plug-in RELAYS , PCB RELAYS , miniature RELAYS View

kinds of single RELAYS , power RELAYS , automotive RELAYS ...lays , pc-board RELAYS , plug-in RELAYS , PCB RELAYS , miniature RELAYS

Part Name(s) : IM-1 IM-10 IM-2 IM-4 IM-6 IM-8 IM-9 IM04BH111J IM1 IM2 IM4 IM6 IM8 IM9 IM01 IM10 IM02 IM04 IM06 IM08 IM09 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Inductors, Commercial, Molded, Axial Leaded View

• Wide inductance range in small package
• Flame retardant coating
• Precision performance, excellent reliability, study
• Epoxy molded construction provides superior
   moisture protection
• Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC

Part Name(s) : C8051F520 C8051F520-C-IM C8051F520-IM C8051F520A C8051F520A-IM C8051F521 C8051F521-C-IM C8051F521-IM C8051F521A C8051F521A-IM C8051F523 C8051F523-C-IM C8051F523-IM C8051F523A C8051F523A-IM C8051F524 C8051F524-C-IM C8051F524-IM C8051F524A C8051F524A-IM C8051F526 C8051F526-C-IM C8051F526-IM C8051F526A C8051F526A-IM Silabs
Silicon Laboratories
Description : 8/4/2 kB ISP Flash MCU Family View

System Overview
The C8051F52x/F52xA/F53x/F53xA family of devices are fully integrated, low power, mixed-SIGNAL systemon-a-chip MCUs. Highlighted features are listed below. Refer to Table 1.1 for specific product feature selection.

■ High-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)
■ In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)
■ True 12-bit 200 ksps ADC with analog multiplexer and up to 16 analog inputs
■ Precision programmable 24.5 MHz internal oscillator that is within ±0.5% across the temperature range and for VDD voltages greater than or equal to the on-chip voltage regulator minIMum output at the low setting. The oscillator is within +1.0% for VDD voltages below this minIMum output setting.
■ Up to 7680 bytes of on-chip Flash memory
■ 256 bytes of on-chip RAM
■ Enhanced UART, and SPI serial interfaces IMplemented in hardware
■ LIN 2.1 peripheral (fully backwards compatible, master and slave modes)
■ Three general-purpose 16-bit tIMers
■ Programmable Counter/TIMer Array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules and Watchdog TIMer function
■ On-chip Power-On Reset, VDD Monitor, and Temperature Sensor
■ On-chip Voltage Comparator
■ Up to 16 Port I/O

Analog Peripherals
    - 12-Bit ADC
        • Programmable throughput up to 200 ksps
        • Up to 6/16 external inputs
        • Data dependent windowed interrupt generator
        • Built-in temperature sensor
    - Comparator
        • Programmable hysteresis and response tIMe
        • Configurable as wake-up or reset source
        • Low current
    - POR/Brownout Detector
    - Voltage Reference—1.5 and 2.2 V (programmable)
On-Chip Debug
    - On-chip debug circuitry facilitates full-speed, nonintrusive in-system debug (No emulator required)
    - Provides breakpoints, single stepping
    - Inspect/modify memory and registers
    - Complete development kit
Supply Voltage 2.0 to 5.25 V
    - Built-in LDO regulator
High-Speed 8051 µC Core
    - Pipelined instruction architecture; executes 70% of instructions in 1 or 2 system clocks
    - Up to 25 MIPS throughput with 25 MHz system clock
    - Expanded interrupt handler
    - 8/4/2 kB Flash; In-system byte programmable in 512 byte sectors
    - 256 bytes internal data RAM
Digital Peripherals
    - 16/6 port I/O; push-pull or open-drain, 5 V tolerant
    - Hardware SPI™, and UART serial port
    - LIN 2.1 Controller (Master and Slave capable); no crystal required
    - Three general purpose 16-bit counter/tIMers
    - Programmable 16-bit counter/tIMer array with three capture/compare modules, WDT
Clock Sources
    - Internal oscillators: 24.5 MHz ±0.5% accuracy supports UART and LIN-Master operation
    - External oscillator: Crystal, RC, C, or Clock (1 or 2 pin modes)
    - Can switch between clock sources on-the-fly
    - 10-Pin DFN (3 x 3 mm)
    - 20-pin QFN (4 x 4 mm)
    - 20-pin TSSOP
Automotive Qualified
    - Temperature Range: –40 to +125 °C
    - Compliant to AEC-Q100

Part Name(s) : ADAM-3854 ETC
Description : 4-channel DIN-rail Mounting Power RELAY Module View

ADAM-3854 features four industrial SPDT (Form C) electromechanical power RELAYS and a DIN-rail mount. Each of the RELAYS is controlled by a +24 VDC digital SIGNAL and is equipped with an adjacent LED to display its status. Each output is equipped with a varistor that shunts the surge voltage of an inductive load or electromagnetic brake to protect the RELAY contact points. All the RELAY outputs and RELAY controls are accessible through wiring terminals, allowing the ADAM-3854 to be easily connected to any item of equipment or device such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

• High power RELAYS can handle up to 5 A @ 250 VAC and 5 A @ 30 VDC
• 4 single-pole double-throw (SPDT) RELAYS
• Industrial screw terminals for easy output wiring
• LED status indicators
• On-board varistor protects RELAY contact points
• DIN-rail mounting

Part Name(s) : CQ1-12V Nais
Matsushita Electric Works

• Quiet
    Noise has been reduced by approxIMately 20 dB, using our own silencing design.
• Less space required
    Measuring only 17(L)×13(W)mm  (.669(L)×.512(W) inches), this product  ranks first among automotive quiet RELAYS  in terms of saving space.
• Sealed construction
• Next-generation standard terminal  pitch employed
    The terminal array used is identical to that  used in JJM RELAYS.

• Intermittent wiper
• Cruise control
• Power windows
• Auto door lock
• Car stereo
• Car air-conditioner

Part Name(s) : CQ1-12V Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation

• Silent
    Noise has been reduced by approxIMately 20 dB, using our own silencing design.
• Less space required
    Measuring only 17(L)×13(W)mm (.669(L)×.512(W) inches), this product ranks first among automotive quiet RELAYS in terms of saving space.
• Sealed construction
• Next-generation standard terminal pitch employed
    The terminal array used is identical to that used in JJM RELAYS.

• Intermittent wiper
• Cruise control
• Power windows
• Auto door lock
• Car stereo
• Car air-conditioner
• Electrically powered seats
• Electrically powered sunroof, etc.

Part Name(s) : SGC SGC12006 SGC22006 SGC20420 CELDUC
Description : DC SOLID STATE RELAY View


The SGC range includes olid state RELAYS for DC line . These RELAYS can drive DC loads on line 12 to 200VDC with a current of 20 A. The power élément of these RELAYS is a bipolar transistor.

Part Name(s) : IMB01CGR IMB01CTS IMB02CGR IMB02CTS IMB03CGR IMB03CTS IMB04CGR IMB06CGR IMB06CTS IMB07CGR IMB07CTS IMB42CGR IMB42CTS 1462041-1 1462041-4 1462041-2 1462041-5 1462041-7 1462041-8 1462041-9 1462041-3 1462041-6 1-1462041-3 1-1462041-4 1-1462041-6 Te
TE Connectivity
Description : SIGNAL RELAYS View


■ MinIMum board-space 60mm2
■ SlIM line 10x6mm (0.39x0.24”) and low profle 5.65mm (0.222”)
■ Switching power 60W/62.5VA
■ Switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC
■ Switching current 2A
■ Bifurcated contacts
■ High mechanical shock resistance

Typical applications
    Telecommunication, access and transmission equipment, optical network terminals, modems, offce and business equipment, consumer electronics, measurement and Test equipment, industrial control, medical equipment

Part Name(s) : DS2E-ML2-DC5V-TB Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation

1. Breakthrough height of 9.8 mm .386 inch beats the 10 mm .394 inch lIMit
   1c, 2c, and 4c all have the same height (9.8 mm .386 inch). The width of the RELAY is also the same (9.9 mm .390 inch). Since the only size variable is the length, the shared form makes mounting on printed printing wiring boards easy.
2. Suitable for use in difficult environments
   Epoxy resin seals the parts and cut off the external atmosphere, thus enabling use in difficult environments.
3. Can be used with automatic solder and automatic wash systems
   Automatic soldering and automatic washing can be carried out once the parts are mounted on PC boards.
4. Gold-clad twin contacts ensure high reliability
   Highly stable gold cladding on the contacts ensures that contact resistance changes little over tIMe. Furthermore, the use of twin contacts, a configuration that performs with superior contact reliability, ensures extremely low contact failure rates even under low level loads.
5. Polarized magnetic circuits realize resistance to shock and vibration
   High-performance polarized magnetic circuits that utilize the energy of permanent magnets have made it possible to create RELAYS with strong resistance to shock and vibration.
6. DIL terminal array enables use of IC sockets
7. Widening scope of application with multicontact latching
   In addition to single side stable types, you can take advantage of the memory of functions of convenient 1 coil or 2 coil latching RELAYS.

   Besides telecommunications, measuring devices, office equipment, computers and related equipment, DS RELAYS are also recommended for a broad range of applications including business devices, audio systems, and industrial equipment.


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