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Part Name(s) : CMA3 CMA3-SDC12V CMA3-SDC24V CMA3-SDC6V ETC
Description : kinds of single RELAYS , power RELAYS , automotive RELAYS ...lays , pc-board RELAYS , plug-in RELAYS , PCB RELAYS , miniature RELAYS View

kinds of single RELAYS , power RELAYS , automotive RELAYS ...lays , pc-board RELAYS , plug-in RELAYS , PCB RELAYS , miniature RELAYS

Part Name(s) : JQ1P-XX Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : JQ RELAYS (1a/1c 5A/10A small power RELAYS) View

JQ RELAYS (1a/1c 5A/10A small power RELAYS)

• High electrical noise immunity
• High switching capacity in a compact package
• High sensitivity: 200 mW (1a), 400 mW (1c)
• High surge voltage: 8,000 V between contacts and coil
• UL, CSA, VDE, SEMKO approved and TÜV available
• Class B coil insulation type also available.

• Air conditioners
• Refrigerators
• Microwave ovens
• Heaters

Part Name(s) : SCT31110 SCT61110 SCTX1110 CELDUC
Description : Three Phase Solid State RELAYS View

Three Phase Solid State RELAYS

The SCT RELAYS are made up of 3 separate RELAYS controlled by a common DC voltagecontrol. They are designed to control 12A AC loads such as resistors, small motors, etc, on a mains from 12 to 440VAC, either single or three phase. They are well suited for applications with compact-size and low cost in mind.

Part Name(s) : 700TD 710TD 710TDX 720TD 720TDX 721TD 721TDX 722TD 722TDX 723TD 723TDX 724TD 724TDX 725TD 725TDX 730TD 730TDX 710TD7 710TDX7 720TD7 720TDX7 721TD7 721TDX7 722TD7 722TDX7 MACOM
Tyco Electronics
Description : WILMAR? Protective RELAYS ? 700 Series w/ Adjustable Time Delay View

Reverse Power RELAYS

Several types of Reverse Power RELAYS are available including RELAYS sensitive to reverse reactive power (KVAR). WILMAR is the leading brand of reverse power RELAYS. Our rugged sealed construction provides continuous and reliable operation unaffected by shock, vibration or other severe environments. Reverse Power RELAYS are used for the protection of generator sets operating in parallel.

Part Name(s) : AN5601 AN5601K Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : Color SIGNAL, Video SIGNAL and Synchronous SIGNAL Processing IC for PAL/NTSC TV View

Color SIGNAL, Video SIGNAL and Synchronous SIGNAL Processing IC for PAL/NTSC TV

Part Name(s) : G3B G3BD G3B-205S-VD G3BD-103S-VD Omron
OMRON Corporation
Description : Solid State RELAYS View

International Standards for G3B Series, Same Profile as MK Power RELAYS

• Shape-compatible with mechanical RELAYS.
• Certified by UL, CSA, and VDE (models numbers with a suffix of “-VD”).
• Plug-in type, same size as MK Power RELAYS.
• Operation indicator provided to confirm input.
• DC Output model available with 3 to 125-VDC load voltage range for high-voltage applications.

Part Name(s) : EA2 EB2 EC2 ED2 EE2 EF2 ET1 ET2 EU2 EX1 EX2 UA2 UB2 UC2 UD2 EP2 EP1 EP1K EM1 EN2 EQ1 NEC
NEC => Renesas Technology
Description : Miniature RELAYS View

The NEC TOKIN’s Miniature RELAYS have evolved in response to various demands.

Communication equipment, measurement instrument, FA equipment, electric home appliances and automotive electronics, and all the rest. In line with the increasing range of functions and downsizing of the various equipments, miniature RELAYS have to respond to the demands of not only high performance and reliability, but also downsizing, low profile and environment resistance.
NEC TOKIN uses the state-of-the-art technologies based on the integration of mechatronics and electronics, and has timely released excellent products. These are Miniature SIGNAL RELAYS and Power RELAYS. They are ultra miniature and lightweight, and are suitable for high density packaging. In 2009 NEC TOKIN reached the 4 billion mark in the number of RELAYS shipped and is updating the record daily now.

NEC TOKIN provides the best-seller products already used for various applications, and variety of products such as a flat type for low profile mounting, a slim type for high density mounting, low power consumption type and excellent environment resistance type.

• Compact, lightweight, ultra-low profile with high density
• The low power consumption
• Extremely durable plastic sealing
• Small but high withstanding voltage
• Lineup of SMTs (surface mount type) also available

Part Name(s) : LH1500 LH1504 LH1510 LH1516 LH1517 LH1518 LH1519 LH1530 LH1535 LH1540 LH1541 LH1550 Siemens
Siemens AG
Description : High Voltage Solid State RELAYS View

Siemens Solid State RELAYS (SSRs) are miniature, optically-coupled RELAYS with high-voltage MOSFET outputs. The RELAYS are capable of switching ac or dc loads from as little as nanovolts to hundreds of volts. Likewise, the RELAYS can switch currents in the range of nanoamps to hundreds of milli amps. The MOSFET switches are ideal for small SIGNAL switching and are primarily suited for dc or audio frequency applications.

• 3750 Vrms or 5300 Vrms I/O isolation
• Current-limit protection built-in
• Linear ac/dc operation
• High-reliability monolithic receptor
• Extremely low leakage current (pA)
• High contact off-impedance (GW)
• Low power consumption (1 mW—12 mW)
• Very low switch offset (typically 0.1 mV)
• Logic compatible
• Clean, bounce-free switching
• Built-in 1 Form C break-before-make
• High surge capability
• Insensitive to dv/dt
• Surface mountable
• Compatible with UL1459 and FCC 68.302
• UL recognized
• CSA certified
• BABT certificate of recognition to BS6301

Part Name(s) : 1-1462050-1 1-1462050-2 1-1462050-4 1-1462050-5 1-1462050-6 1-1462051-1 1-1462051-2 1-1462051-3 1-1462051-4 1-1462051-5 1-1462051-6 1-1462051-7 1-1462051-8 1462050-1 1462050-2 1462050-4 1462050-5 1462050-6 1462050-7 1462050-9 1462051-1 1462051-2 1462051-3 1462051-4 1462051-5 MACOM
Tyco Electronics
Description : RF SIGNAL RELAYS View

HF3 Relay

■ Y-Design
■ Frequency range DC to 3GHz
■ Impedance 50Ω or 75Ω
■ Small dimensions (14.6x7.2x10mm)
■ 1 form C contact (1 changeover contact)
■ Immersion cleanable
■ Low power consumption (≤140mW)

Typical applications
    Cable modems and linecards/ CATV, Tabs, measurement and test equipment ATE, satellite / audio / video tuners, wireless base stations and antennas, switching boards


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