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Part Name(s) : DV164121 Microchip
Microchip Technology
Description : PICkit? 2 Programmer/Debugger User?s GUIDE View

PICkit™ 2 Programmer/Debugger User’s GUIDE

Part Name(s) : TPS65800EVM TPS65810EVM TPS65820EVM TPS65825EVM Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments
Description : TPS658xxEVM Integrated Single-Cell, Lithium-ION Battery- and Power-Management IC With I2C, LED Drives, Two Synchronous Buck, Boost, and Multiple LDOs View

TPS658xxEVM Integrated Single-Cell, Lithium-ION Battery- and Power-Management IC With I2C, LED Drives, Two Synchronous Buck, Boost, and Multiple LDOs

This user’s GUIDE is an easy-to-use document that describes the equipment, hardware, software, setup, and a step-by-step procedure to evaluate the features of the TPS65800/810/820/825. The power IC is designed to handle 2 A of input current from the adaptor and up to a 3.5-A discharge from the battery. The charger algorithm is designed to charge a single-cell, Li-ION or Li-polymer battery. The buck, boost, and LDO supplies typically run off of the OUT (system) pin which is available on the IC and is powered from the AC, USB, or battery.

Part Name(s) : C8051F120DK C8051F12X-DK Silabs
Silicon Laboratories


Part Name(s) : CC2538DK TI
Texas Instruments
Description : CC2538 Development Kit Quick Start GUIDE View

CC2538 Development Kit Quick Start GUIDE

Opening the Box and Running the Packet Error Rate Test

Part Name(s) : 03P2J 03P2M 03P4J 03P4M 03P4MF 03P4MG 03P5J 03P5MG 03P6MG 2P4M 2P5M 2P6M 2S2M 2S4M 2SA1005 2SA1006 2SA1006A 2SA1006B 2SA1008 2SA1009 2SA1009A 2SA1010 2SA1069 2SA1069A 2SA1129 NEC
NEC => Renesas Technology


Part Name(s) : C8051F040-DK C8051F040DK C8051F04X-DK Silabs
Silicon Laboratories

Kit Contents
The C8051F04x Development Kit contains the following items:
• Two C8051F040 Target Boards
• C8051Fxxx Development Kit Quick-Start GUIDE
• Silicon Laboratories IDE and Product InformatION CD-ROM. CD content includes:
    • Silicon Laboratories Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • Keil 8051 Development Tools (macro assembler, linker, evaluatION ‘C’ compiler)
    • Source code examples and register definitION files
    • DocumentatION
    • C8051F04x Development Kit User’s GUIDE (this document)
• Two AC to DC Power Adapters
• CAN Cable (DB-9 connectors)
• USB Debug Adapter (USB to Debug Interface)
• USB Cable

Part Name(s) : EFC4612R-S EFC4612R-S-TR ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : Power MOSFET for 1-2 Cells Lithium-ION Battery ProtectION 24 V, 45 m?, 6 A, Dual N-Channel View

This Power MOSFET features a low on-state resistance. This device is suitable for applicatIONs such as power switches of portable machines. Best suited for 1-2 cells lithium-ION battery applicatIONs.

• 2.5 V drive
• Common-Drain type
• ESD Diode-Protected Gate
• Pb-Free, Halogen Free and RoHS compliance

• 1-2 Cells Lithium-ION Battery Charging and Discharging Switch

Part Name(s) : LA5621V LA5621M SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Lithium-ION Battery Charge Control IC View

The LA5621M and LA5621V are external charge control ICs for lithium-ION batteries. These ICs are ideally suited for on/off control of external power MOSFETs in systems that incorporate a charging circuit in the set. They detect the charge and discharge status, output it to the set control microcontroller, which then outputs a signal to switch external power MOSFETS either on or off. Moreover, these ICs have a built-in functION that detects discharge (countercurrent) from lithium-ION batteries within sets to external lithium-ION batteries in an AC adapter/charger, etc. and switches external power MOSFETs off.

• The combinatION of a microcontroller and external power MOSFETs enables easy charge/discharge control of lithium-ION batteries.
• Small power dissipatION makes these ICs suitable for sets that require long time operatION
• Use of compact package makes these ICs suitable for compact sets.
• Large power supply operatION range supports both 1-cell and 2-cell lithium-ION batteries.

• Charge control of 1- or 2-cell lithium-ION batteries of video cameras, digital still cameras, cellular telephones, etc., used in combinatION with a microcontroller.

Part Name(s) : 75235-4125 0752354125 Molex
Molex Connectors
Description : GbX 4 Pair Backplane Connector System, Right GUIDE Header, 80 Circuits View

Overview: GbX Backplane Connector System

DescriptION: GbX 4 Pair Backplane Connector System, Right GUIDE Header, 80 Circuits, 10 Columns, Gold (Au) 0.76µm, Pin Length 5.55mm, Key OrientatION B


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